Elements Hair Salon: A Cosmopolitan Touch in the Suburbs

I have heard it said that it is easier to find a husband than a good hair-stylist. Element Salon in Temecula has made the search easier, and a lot more fun. Owner Debbie Salaz has created a chic, metropolitan salon, right here in the suburbs. The salon looks unassuming enough from the outside, but inside, it is in a class of its own. The walls are painted brilliant shades of red, lime green and yellow. Hung on all the walls are paintings and photographs from local artists. The modern furniture in the waiting area, and rock music contribute to the younger hipper feel. The way the salon looks, while impressive, and a welcome change from the typical suburban salon, it is not what makes the salon special.

Photo by Mike Chava

I was lucky enough to find out what exactly makes it special when my regular stylist was unavailable to do a blow-out for me recently. I had a wedding to go to, and wanted to look a little less disheveled than usual. Our own Marilyn suggested Element Salon. I have crazy wavy/curly hair that is notoriously hard to make straight and shiny. I called the salon and explained my dilemma.

“You will want the Keratasse Deep Conditioning treatment,” manager Rebecca said, “Your hair will shine like glass.” My hair never “shines like glass,” so I was intrigued.

I showed up at the salon, on Winchester Road, near Chaparral High School. Kristin, the receptionist was at once helpful, efficient, and warm. She set the tone for Element being a place I wanted to linger. I was offered my choice of beverage; coffee, tea, or wine. Since I still had errands to run after my blow-out, and it was 10:00 in the morning, I chose tea. I wandered a bit, as Diane Castellanos prepared for me, looking at the art adorning all the walls. A large variety is represented, floral photographs, abstract oil paintings, and beautiful impressionism, all arranged so that they complimented each other and the salon. Even the shampoo stations were attractive and spotlessly clean.

The treatment and blow-out took less than an hour. In that time I discovered more reasons why Element Salon fill a gap here in our area. Debbie Salaz has made an environment where stylists, (20 in all) can easily receive ongoing education. Ongoing education is so important to those of us who spend our increasingly hard earned dollars at a salon. Nobody wants to look like his or her hair was done in 1992, the last time perhaps, a stylist had a cutting lesson. Technique and trends change from year to year, and a stylist who keeps up will have clients that always look fresh and modern.

Debbie also has product, and ongoing cutting education at the salon. Element is one of only two salons in the area that uses Bumble and Bumble products, and the only one that uses Keratasse.

Photo by Mike Chava

Nearly all of the stylists are certified in the Brazilian blow-dry technique, which has become all the rage among those among us with permanently fuzzy hair. If all this isn’t enough, come be tempted by mimosas on Saturdays, or if you are man, go in and get a haircut on a Friday. Every Friday, all the TVs in the salon are tuned to ESPN, or a game, if it is on, and beer is served.

Debbie, and her manager Rebecca, have a great staff. The level of professionalism and talent is matched by the attractive setting. Oh, and my hair? It really was as shiny as glass!

Element Salon is located at 39584 Winchester Rd. Ste B, Temecula CA 92591

Phone: 951-695-5400

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