Wine of the Week

Beer Pick: The Firehouse Brewing Co.

This is a beer pick of last week. Vagaries in my schedule, along with Taste of Temecula going into over-drive mode meant that a few of my articles fell by the wayside. Sadly, the beer pick was one of them. Fret not, that means I get to sample twice as much today. Yes it is 6:30am, and yes I am going to do a beer tasting.

Photo by Crispin Courtenay.

Did you know that most wine tasters prefer to taste early in the day as that is when they are most receptive to aromas and taste sensations. Well, the way I figure it, there is not beer tasting early in the morning—with the exception of the now departed, 91X morning show in San Diego—as beer drinkers are not known for being early risers. Sensing a good thing, I am going to start a new trend. The Friday morning beer tasting.

Just don’t tell my wife.

Recently at one of our Wednesday lunch meet-ups, we met up with one of the proprietors from Firehouse Brewing Company in San Diego. He wanted us to feature his beer. We drink beer. What a perfect match!

Ok, highly-discriminating I am not, I heard the word beer and stopped listening, but you get the idea.

If you were not able to read my mind, last weeks beer pick was Firehouse American Pale Ale

I know that San Diego is renown for their India Pale Ales, however close on the heels of IPA are the Pale Ales, and there are some great examples being produced by the Craft Brewers. Firehouse Pale Ale is a wonderful beer.

Pale Ale

Beautiful amber. Head dispersed fairly rapidly. Good hopiness on the nose. Little orange and caramel.

Crisp finish. Very pleasant aftertaste, stays with you and demands that you drink more.


Good head, but not as fine as some Hef’s. Golden, leaning towards caramel in color. Picking up a reedy aroma reminiscent of a whiskey mash during fermentation. Hint of banana, wheat flavor is subtle, mellow use of hops. Light, clean finish.

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