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Powers-ful Art at Old Town Tesoro Winery

Last Thursday Tesoro winery in Old Town Temecula held one of their monthly art exhibitions, featuring a artist from Southern California. They proudly displayed Richard Powers, of Escondido.

Artist Richard Powers. Photo by Crispin Courtenay.

Powers is largely a self-taught artist who, like so many others, realized early on that art rarely pays the bills.

He hung up his brushes in 1973 and did not return to the art scene until he retired from his job as an Architect in 2007. Fortunately for all, he retained his skills during the 34 year gap. He returned to the art scene by painting in watercolors, but grew tired of this medium and switched to oils.  When asked about his schedule, Powers had this to say:

I can work for two too three weeks on a watercolor, and maybe produce three or four a week. With oil I can produce maybe ten a week. The renumeration is not there with water color, and I am basically working for free. Plus you get bored working with a drawing for so long.

Photo by Crispin Courtenay.

Looking around the art on exhibit, many paintings snap-shot familiar Southern California landscapes. Richard leans towards focused slices of landscape rather than sweeping vistas. He paints primarily en plein air, frequently with art groups at locations around Southern California. The locations used for his paintings are very familiar and unique. I spotted Torry Pines, UCSD Medical ,and La Jolla–The paintings of Jullian, the Zen Garden, and Lake Hodges a bit more obscure.

Photo by Crispin Courtenay

Richard’s work is still evolving. He is advancing as an artist who no longer paints what is there, but what could be there. Last night, with some of his earlier work in water color on display,  you could see the progression in brushwork and technique over time.

His work is primarily soft focus in a pastel pallet, however many of his paintings have streaks of red surrounding objects and trees, this flourish gives the paintings a vibrant energy.

Richard Powers work is currently on display at several galleries in San Diego county. His portfolio and contact information is available at:

Tesoro Winery hosts a monthly SoCal Artist Night once a month.

Power's art filled the Tesoro Tasting Room. Photo by Crispin Courtenay.

One thought on “Powers-ful Art at Old Town Tesoro Winery

  1. It was such a pleaure to have Richard as a guest at this month’s So Cal Artist Series … his work is beautiful and he is a wonderful person! Looking forward to next month featuring James Brown. ~ Kimberly (owner, Tesoro Winery)


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