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Freedom Fitness: Enhance your dance style!

For those who are fans of Dancing with the Stars, you know that the celebrities have to be in great shape.  A dedicated workout schedule is an essential part of their routine.  Well, now, those of you who want that sinewy shape and style, look no further than Freedom Fitness.

Photo by Frieda Hall

Dionne Thomas and Elizabeth Garcia, owners and trainers at the new studio, will help and support you in your fitness goals.  Dionne explains the motive behind their business as “freedom from whatever is holding you back,” and it is achieved through classes taught at the studio.  “We are interested in supporting people who are ready to make a change.  We want to build a community to help them do that.”

The methods these two women have chosen are:

  • Zumba, a popular dance routine originating from Columbia.
  • RIPPED, a weight-bearing workout designed to strengthen the body
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • and a combination workout of Pilates & Yoga, PiYo.  PiYo is a unique athletic blend that uses your body weight as resistance for a more dynamic set of core muscles.

Keeping core muscles strong is an important way to care for your internal organs, and to allow you to wear more form-fitting clothes without the support of body slimming under-garments!

Last Saturday, May 8th, was the Grand Opening of Freedom Fitness in Murrieta.  It was a packed house of women and men, many of them fans that have moved with Garcia and Thomas from their former gyms.

“We have clients that drive as far as Menifee, Canyon Lake and Mount Palomar,” says Thomas.  “They are dedicated to our philosophy and we are proud to be an important part of their fitness goals.”

For class schedule and pricing options, go to their website at

2 thoughts on “Freedom Fitness: Enhance your dance style!

  1. Dionne is such an inspiration and sooooo very talented at her craft. She makes working out such a fun and social activity. Everyone needs to take her class!! Elizabeth is also awe inspiring. Her body and her story makes you believe ANY fitness goal is possible!!! Great job ladies!!


  2. I chose membership @ Freedom Fitness because of Dionne and the vision she & Elizabeth bring to WELLNESS (total). I love taking Zumba and RIPPED – makes my week complete. Positive energy, quality instruction, vitality bursting at the seams!


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