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Pizza Fusion

BBQ Chicken Pizza. (Photo by Mike Chava)

I do my best to eat at independently owned restaurants that purchase produce and other supplies from local farmers. My 13-year-old son, David, does his best to eat pizza every single day. In the past, this made eating out with him a little challenging, but not anymore. Pizza Fusion is an earth-friendly restaurant that serves delicious, organic, locally grown food with options for vegans, vegetarians, and gluten or lactose sensitive. The emphasis is truly on delicious. David and I went there after-school not too long ago (With our busy lives, there is some danger of my completing forgetting which kids are mine, and what they look like. This could be inconvenient in a crowd.)

Flatbread With Dip Trio. (Photo by Mike Chava)

The restaurant, located in the Trader Joe’s shopping center has a chic/casual feel. The full menu has appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and of course, pizza. There is also a generous selection of beer and wine.

In our family, we are crazy for breadsticks. Pizza Fusion offers a more upscale version with the Flatbread and Dip Trio. It was served attractively with tapenade, garlic oil and marinara. The garlic olive oil had a whole roasted garlic clove, sitting in it like a jewel. I ordered the fusion salad, made with local produce from Sage Mountain Farm. This is not a fancy over-complicated salad, just the freshest, highest quality produce, including arugula, romaine, cucumber, basil and tomato. It is topped with long ribbons of sweet carrot. It is, without a doubt, one of my favorite salads. But the real test was to come. I am compelled, by maternal instinct, to try to get my kids to eat salad. I saw him eying it suspiciously.

Meatball Sliders. (Photo by Mike Chava)

“Do you want a bite?” I asked him.

“Oh, yeah, I gotta have some salad,” he said mocking and rolling his eyes. He reached over and grabbed a piece of lettuce and popped it in his mouth.

“That’s actually kind of good,” he said, looking surprised.

The individual pizzas arrived, Barbecue Chicken and Carnivore’s delight for David, and Farmer’s Market and Very Vegan for me. There was more eye-rolling on his part, when he heard my order.

Stuffed Mushrooms. (Photo by Mike Chava)

David loved his pizza. I tried a bite of the barbecue chicken pizza, and agreed that it had a great flavor. The barbecue sauce was sweet, smoky, and spicy, and the chicken was generous. The Carnivore’s Delight had huge pepperonis, as well as sausage, ham and bacon.

I tried the Very Vegan, not because I am a vegetarian, but because I try to eat healthy. It was delicious, with large whole roasted cloves of garlic, and crimini mushrooms, and soy cheese. The Farmer’s Market pizza had huge chunks of vegetables like artichokes, zucchini and Portobello mushrooms.

Variety of Organic Beers. (Photo by Mike Chava)

We topped our meal off with a gluten free vegan brownie. It was warm and chocolaty, surrounded by tiny blueberries and surrounded by chocolate sauce.

I enjoyed the food most when the fresh local vegetables were allowed to shine. Pizza Fusion is set apart by the local produce and organic meat that taste wonderfully fresh and flavorful.

The health-minded of Temecula Valley have reason to rejoice. Pizza Fusion provides healthy delicious food in an attractive environment for food lovers of all kinds.

Pizza Fusion is a drop off location for Inland Empire CSA and offers a 15% discount to all CSA members.

Pizza Fusion 
40695 Winchester Road, #C1
In the Trader Joe’s Shopping Center
Temecula, CA 92591

Phone: 951-506-8888

Fax: 951-695-8881

E-Mail: temecula@pizzafusion.com

Hours: Monday – Thursday: 10:30am -10:00pm Friday – Sunday: 10:30am – 10:30pm

2 thoughts on “Pizza Fusion

  1. Awesome Bethany! We just discovered Pizza Fusion a couple weeks ago and it’s become one of our new favorites! The Barbecued Chicken Pizza and Bruschetta Pizza is also really good. And the Pear & Gorgonzola salad is wonderful!

    Readers should know they deliver too!


  2. Pizza Fusion is awesome! I live in West Palm Beach so I go to the Wellington location. The food is amazing, atmosphere is great, and their waitstaff is unique and a pleasure to be around. Its like walking into a friends house when I walk into there, everyone remembers everyone, they shake hands and say hi, and always have a smile on. Keep up the good work Pizza Fusion!


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