Jack’s Nuts

In the same place where you can find jalapeno peanut brittle and chipotle-flavored almonds, you can find some of the most delicious, buttery cashew nuts you’ve ever tasted. Located in the Penfold Building under the Gambling Cowboy, Jack’s Nuts houses an array of – you guessed it – nuts of every flavor. Claudia and Steve Keaton run the store named after husband and father, Jack.

A wind variety of freshly made flavored popcorn awaits you at Jack's Nuts. Photo by Juanita Gates.

Since 2005, Jack’s Nuts has brought in almonds and walnuts from California’s central valley, organically-grown pistachios from Santa Barbara, pecans, and macadamia nuts from Central America. But, most particularly, the peanuts they carry are imported from Virginia and are larger than the nuts you’ll find in the grocery store or baseball game. These Eastern peanuts are roasted in their shell within 24 hours of being picked. You can buy them by the pound bag at Jack’s nuts for $3.00. Naturally, I had to take a bag with me and they didn’t last long once I got them home.

Fudge, Nuts and more. Not sure what to get, then ask for a free taste. Photo by Juanita Gates

“We carry every kind of nut,” says Claudia Keaton. As I waited for the punch line, I received instead a bright and warm smile. “And we have corn nuts that don’t break your teeth.” The difference between store bought nuts and those at Jack’s Nuts is the freshness factor. Nuts are brought in, flavored in one of over twenty varieties, and quickly sold to their regular and new customers. Another popular treat that simply flies off the shelves are the cheese and caramel flavored popcorns. You can find regular popcorn popped in a carnival style machine. This gives you the sweet, buttery aroma that greets you as you enter the store.

Jack’s Nuts also stocks Sanders Chocolate Fudge Sauce from Michigan, English Toffee, Dave’s Insanity Hot Sauce and funnel cakes. “Our funnel cakes are made with peanut oil so they are light and airy,” informs Claudia. And, yes, the peanut brittle is fresher because of the ingredients and special care cooked into each variety.

Next time you are headed to a softball, baseball, or soccer match, or you simply want a delicious and natural snack to keep about the home, stop by and visit the Keaton’s at Jack’s Nuts. They are located at 42072 Fifth Street, Suite 106, in Old Town Temecula. Claudia will give you samples of the nuts so you are sure to purchase the ones you like the most.

Photo by Juanita Gates

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