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Tequila Tasting & Celebrating at Frankie’s Steak & Seafood

A blissful, cool Temecula May day—an outdoor patio table at Wahoo’s Fish Taco surrounded with friends, new and old—what a better way to start off our Cinco de Mayo celebration?

The crowd gathers for lunch at Wahoo's. Photo by Michael Chava

Taste of Temecula and Wahoo’s Fish Taco boasted live entertainment from singer/guitarist, Robert Rankin Walker, who covered tunes ranging from Jack Johnson to Radiohead. A pleasant, enticing atmosphere to enjoy the subtle Mexican flavors that Wahoo’s has to offer—and just in case you’re curious, they’re offering free meals for mom this mother’s day! Check it out, here.

Special guest Robert Rankin Walker provided the noontime entertainment at Wahoo's. Photo by Michael Chava

Transportation to Old Town, provided by Brewen’s Empire Trolley, (Find them on FaceBook) who’s motto is Life is short. Enjoy the ride. The bright red trolley car is a party waiting to happen. We hopped on board and settled in to enjoy the journey to Old Town Front Street.

Inconspicuous--and very cool--transportation for the gang. Photo by Michael Chava

Let’s face it. It’s hard not to draw attention when you’re riding on a bright, red trolley car.

Once there, we ventured through Old Town, passing shops and tourists, and headed toward The Bank Mexican restaurant–that resides in the center of the historic district, in the old Temecula Bank building. As expected on this holiday, every table packed with Cinco de Mayo celebrators enjoying chimichangas, enchiladas, and chips with salsa.

The groups second stop of the day was at The Bank in Old Town. Photo by Michael Chava

Bartender mixing a few margaritas at The Bank. Photo by Michael Chava

We managed to squeeze our group into a patio corner table to sip margaritas, icy Mexican beer—one of the best Old Town locations to pass time and people watch on a sunny late afternoon.

When the designated time came, we boarded the trolley for our next stop—back toward the mall, to Frankie’s Steak & Seafood, for Tequila tasting with the relatively new tequila bottler, Tanteo—we heard great things about this authentic Mexican tequila, and were not disappointed.

Steel pours Teteo Tequila for the tastings at Frankies. Photo by Michael Chava

Frankie’s is one of the few restaurants north of San Diego featuring Tanteo Tequila—something we can only hope changes soon for our San Diego friends! During the tasting, we were educated on the manufacture and time-honored process of tequila distilling and bottling. Tanteo is distilled from 100% agave, following five generations of experience—each bottle is hand assembled and inspected, ensuring quality inside and out—and we couldn’t agree more. Look for smooth, balanced tequilas infused with unique flavors: tropical, jalapeno, or chocolate—all with a zing of jalapeno for a peppery finish.

Tanteo is beautifully and artistically hand bottled in Tequila, Mexico, and is now available in Los Angeles and Orange County, and soon, San Diego. We were granted their authentic cocktail menu, available for download here.

Stop by Frankie’s Steak and Seafood to have a taste—and stay to enjoy far more than just Tequila.

If you have not been to Frankie’s for a while, which many in our group hadn’t, then it’s time you come back and enjoy the flavors, and the night life. For the budget minded, don’t let the price tag keep you at bay. A nightly happy hour, from 4:00–7:00pm, offers house wine, and imported beer for $4, and well drinks for $5, not to mention Prime Rib sandwiches or Tacos for $2.

Frankie’s remains a great place to go for a little relaxation and excellent service. On Cinco de Mayo, Frankie’s offered the Latin band Diego Mondragon—a staple at Frankie’s on Friday night. If you feel like salsa-ing in a comfortable setting, then this is the ideal spot for the end of the week. Diego Mondragon, a hot Latin Jazz trio, is quite a treat!

Later in the evening Lily McCabe and Wayne Cameron of Swift Pony stopped by Wahoo's to play. Photo by Michael Chava

All in all, the group had an amazing time. Special thanks to Tanteo, The Bank, Brewen’s Empire Trolley, and Frankie’s Steak and Seafood.

Hope to see you all next time.

~Taste of Temecula

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