Micro Breweries / Wine of the Week

Crispin’s Beer Pick: You turn around and it’s gone

This weeks beer is Jumping Cow, Amber Ale from Steinehaus Brewing Company in Paso Robles. Now that I have had to open a second beer for my tasting I will try to review it, before it too disappears, and then we will be heading down a slippery slope indeed.

Jumping Cow Amber Ale. Photo by Crispin Courtenay

Jumping Cow is labeled an Amber Ale. In the glass it is a perfect amber, don’t change a thing, it is a beaut.

Bubbles are very large, and the head dissipates rather quickly, but that’s ok, it’s not staying in my glass for a long time. A little hops, caramel, orange on the nose. Tart, and a little prickly in taste, a little caramel (not cloying, quite pleasant) on the back. Huge creamy finish with a pleasant bitter aftertaste of roasted hops.

Very nice beer, I will definitely buy again.

Here is the kicker that I only just discovered, this beer is brewed for Trader Joes. Before you scream murder, Trader Joes has been having a killer year in quality with not just their beer, but wine that is a wicked good value. Go forth and try.

Next week, something much more local, The Firehouse Brewing Company from San Diego.

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