Unexpected Delights at Lazy Brothers Market & Deli

The Lazy Brothers, Ariel, Carlos, and Reynaldo Marquez

Three brothers. One dream.

Lazy Brothers Market & Deli in Murrieta is truly a neighborhood market where you can stop in for a cold bottle of coke, pick up fresh meat, chicken, fish from the deli case, or order up an inexpensive yet amazing meal. Best of all? From the moment you walk in, these brothers treat you like part of the Marquez family.

Corporate America and cubicle life drove Reynaldo, Carlos, and Ariel Marquez to daydreaming. What if they could work together, and bring to Temecula and Murrieta the same “neighborhood market” each recalled from their San Gabriel Valley childhood? Better still—what if they could honor their father and grandfather in the process?

Thus, Lazy Brothers Market & Deli was born—the affectionate way their father introduced them has now become their livelihood. And take it from me, these guys are far from lazy.

Upon entry into this airy, small town market, Ariel is tidying up tables after making deliveries. Reynaldo wraps up from his 3 a.m. trek to Los Angeles, having gotten his pick of the freshest produce. Carlos is perfecting his new Grill Steak Salad, and creating the best Herbed Chicken Salad this writer has ever tasted.

We (two adults and five kids) were met with smiles of hello, handshakes, and heartfelt welcome. Let the kids play, grab a soda, a healthy juice, or fresh fruit snack, Reynaldo smiled—pointing them to an open area where they could run around while we reviewed the giant chalkboard of the day’s specials—all cooked up fresh to order in the startling gourmet kitchen.

After trying a sample of the soon to be famous Pulled Pork Sandwich, we ordered one, and a Grilled Steak Salad to share, assured the portion sizes were ample. They weren’t kidding! Presented in five-star-restaurant style, the sandwich sides of Garlic Mashed Potatoes (yum!) or fresh potato salad (delightful!) believe me when I say no one left hungry.

While Reynaldo taught the kids, ranging from 6 to 4, how to play handball in the back, and my daughter did her darndest to win a prize from the Claw Machine, we reviewed the reach-in deli case. Filled with cheese, and an array of produce—both fresh, and ready to eat—making a decision was easy, with the reasonable prices.

Chef Carlos showed us the meat case, where they offer Niman Ranch Meats, Gidori Farms Chicken, and among their fresh fish—Cypress Island Salmon from the San Juan Preserve. If you don’t know what to order, or would work best on the grill at home, Carlos would be happy to teach, share, or even cook something fresh for you.

These brothers, working in close contact where sometimes universes collide. Still, there’s nowhere on earth any of them would rather be.

Chef Carlos, schooled at the Culinary Academy in San Francisco, has served as Sous Chef for five star resorts to major corporations. At last, he can fully explore his creative side, and serve up whatever strikes his fancy.

When asked where he got the inspiration for his Grilled Steak Salad, Carlos had this to say,

“While dining at a regional casino, I ordered a similar meal—and my mind set to reeling. There was so much more that could be done!”

…and their new menu item was born. With unexpected flavors of mint, subtle Thai spices, this fragrant, delectable New York Strip Steak salad is a must order.

After one bite of the succulent New York Strip Steak, my daughter looked up, eyes wide with unexpected delight. “How do you make this stuff?!” The question I wanted to, but knew I’d never ask.


That’s my word of choice for this corner deli. This diamond in the rough.

Who would guess you could stop inside to browse, and end up leaving full, happy, and a member of their growing fan club—and if you do end up ordering the Pulled Pork Sandwich—be sure to ask for extra “Ariel’s Sexy Barbecue” sauce. You won’t be disappointed!

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Visit Lazy Brothers Market & Deli…

(951) 667-LAZY

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  1. By the way, that’s Rashiya, Chef Carlos’ protege and “cousin” at the top of the page! 🙂



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