Micro Breweries

Craft Brewing

Craft: (to make or manufacture a product with skill and careful attention to detail).

That’s what the guys at Craft Brewing do and I must say they do it very well.

Photo by Juanita Gates.

Craft Brewing is operated by four partners; Kevin Carroll, Kirk Medeiros, Tim Reagan, and Bob Thompson who have over 50 years brewing experience combined.  Bob alone has won multiple national metals for his recipes and brewing.

Photo by Juanita Gates.

Craft opened their brewery in Lake Elsinore about six weeks ago and will have 5 staples, along with other beers some of which will be seasonal.  The staples are an IPA, Raspberry wheat, Blonde Ale, Stout, and finally a Porter.

Currently their beers are only available in Growlers. A growler is a U.S. half gallon glass jug used to transport draft beer in the United States.  They are commonly sold at breweries and brewpubs as a means to sell take-out beer.  Growlers got their name from the sound that the CO2 made when it escaped from the lid as the beer sloshed around.  It dates back to the 19th century when fresh beer was carried from the local pub to one’s home by means of a galvanized pail. Growlers are now generally made of glass and have either a screw-on cap or hinged porcelain gasket cap which can provide freshness for a week or more.

I tried their Raspberry Wheat which I found to be wonderfully light and refreshing with just a hint of raspberry flavor.  This beer is so light, crisp, and refreshing that it will make be perfect for those hot summer days ahead.

In addition, they poured a blonde ale, which was light clean with citrus character and an easy finish. The Porter had an intense coffee flavor and the Stout which along with the coffee notes also had a wonderful chocolate flavor as well.

Some of their beers are available with both CO2 and nitrogen.  For you beer drinkers out there that like to experiment you need to try them side by side so you can really taste the difference between the two.

Craft will have their grand opening on May 22 and currently their hours are Thursday’s and Friday’s from 4:00 to 8:00, Saturday’s 12:00 to 8:00 and Sundays 1:00 to 5:00.

They are located at 530 Crane St. Suite C Lake Elsinore



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