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Crispin’s Wine pick of the week

That is right dear readers Traz has taken another week off from his column and is out and about doing other chores like picking up his new I-Pad. With I pad in tow, one can assume that our wine picks will now be submitted in the field. Imagine the beauty of posting a review 10 seconds after tasting.

I digress, this weeks wine was selected from the Atwood Syrah vertical tasting held Thursday night at The Wine Company in Temecula.  One wine really stood out to me, which was the 2007 Syrah from Atwood Estate Vineyards.  The vines had been growing for seven years when this wine was produced, and the maturity is starting to show through.

Last night’s tasting notes:

2007 Syrah from Atwood Estate Vineyards. Photo by Crispin Courtenay

2007 very mellow in the glass. The first of the Atwoods with a California typicity, dark cherry, wet straw, alfalfa,

tobacco, hint of pepper. The vines are starting to come into full maturity on this vintage and it presents with a very complex aroma and taste which was great fun to try to decipher. Smooth and refreshing in the mouth. Fine cigar on the finish, very easy tannins and a highly refreshing, clean finish. ($24.99)

This wine is highly enjoyable on it’s own, but paired with a good meal it will be even more enjoyable.

It is becoming difficult for me to choose a favorite Syrah from the valley anymore as there are multiple high-end wines in production, and the Atwood definitely is in this camp.

The wines are available for sale at The Wine Company on Overland Drive in Temecula, The Collective in Old Town and online from

A special deal to Taste of Temecula readers

Normally the wine maker gives our viewers a nice discount on the bottle featured on our Wine Pick of the Week. Some have gone as far to offer discounts on everything produced by the winery, or even to enjoy wine club membership for a week. Not to be beat, Dan Atwood has gone one step further. “If it has a cork in it, it’s 10% off!”

That’s right, any bottle available for sale at The Wine Company this week is 10% off for Taste of Temecula readers.

One thought on “Crispin’s Wine pick of the week

  1. Hey Crispin….I was checking Kitchen Fantasy website and came accross your article…..I was in there yesterday and bought a few things…one of which is the large BOOS block in maple…..I love it. Meanwhile, I am probably going to be working at the new Beer Hunter in Menifee. I have my 2nd interview on Mon. for prep cook. Sounds like you left Wilson Creek…..what nightclub do you own? Take Care….ST


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