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Local Mixologist in action (video)

Tune in to see an Authentic Mint Julep being made at Baily’s Old Town Temecula by Mixologist and owner Kim Baily.

Kim Baily in action for our 'hard-working' crew. Photo by Tom Plant

Mint Julip at Baily’s Old Town Temecula pt. 1 of 2 from Crispin Courtenay on Vimeo.

Video by Trasier Schuyler

True Kentucky Mint Julep – for Kentucky Derby on Saturday

By: Kim Baily

Drink Recipe Ingredients:
• 15 oz. Bulleit Bourbon (25 oz. per bottle)
• 30 mint leaves
• 1 cup(s) sugar
• 1 cup(s) water
Drink Recipe Preparation:
• Wash mint leaves, pat dry and put them in a small mixing bowl. Cover with 3 ounces of Bulleit Bourbon and let soak for 15 minutes.
• Remove mint, and then place them in a clean cotton cloth and wring over bowl, bruising the leaves. Dip back into bourbon and wring again. Repeat several times to create mint extract. Set extract aside for 1 hour. You can also put the leaves back in the extract for a more concentrated mint flavor.
• Combine mint extract (leaves included, if preferred for stronger mint flavor) with simple syrup (dissolve 1 cup sugar and 1 cup hot water) in a covered glass container or jar and refrigerate overnight.
• Fill julep cups (10-12 oz.) with crushed ice and insert a fresh mint sprig. Add 1.25 oz. of Bulleit Bourbon to each cup. Add marinated julep mixture to taste.
• Makes 12 servings.

Kim breaks out the good stuff. Photo by Tom Plant.

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