“Wine & Grub” Can it get any better? I submit that it cannot!

A full table. Now thats Italian!

At aproximatly a quarter to three today I recieved a text from our good friend Charity Prestifilpo of Sputino in Temecula stating the following. “Tonight is wine and grub night at Spuntino! Keyways is pouring! Hope to see u here at 7! 🙂 charity”.

I followed standard TOT protocol and forwarded it to Marilyn Tipps our Marketing and Events Coordinator. Then I thought Hmmm I should go to this. Heck it’s Tuesday and thats good enough reason for me.

OMG Trasier you better not post this!

My 14 year old daughter, Ashlynn and I hadn’t had a daddy any me night out in a while and  I thought Sputino’s is the perfect place for us to hang out, eat and talk to a few fiends.  We met Jaque and Mark from Keyways and  chatted with my friend Mark and a few Taste Of Temecula fans. Charity was her usual chipper, social butterfly self and made everyone feel welcome. What a Peach! Just as welcoming was our server the ever capable and  sweet Yanesha who served us with grace and a smile.

There were about 25-30 of us with tables all pushed togeather enjoying  brochette, eggplant, pizza, salad and more. Everything was perfect. But what completed this family italian style dinner was the the wine. We were treated to an array of wines from Keyways Winery on the Deportola Wine Trail. Whites and Reds were coming at me so fast that I could hardly take notes. But I do remember the name of one. A  Lemberger called Frolich made by Mike Tingley. Trust me you will be reading about this wine very soon.

Awaiting the Frolich

Conversation and wine were flowing but being a school night I needed to get my little princess home and a Brochette Pizza home to my wife. The smiles on the faces of Charitys guest were proof that this event will be a hit in the future and a gathering I will continue to put on my calendar.

A note to those new to the area or just passing through to do some wine tasting. Sputino’s is the last deli as you enter wine country so if the idea of a fresh loaf of bread, italian meats and cheeses sounds like supplies you may need on your adventure, stop by and stock up.



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