Temecula Lavender Company

Article by: Marilyn Wrye-Tipps

Ancient as biblical times, Mary used lavender oil to anoint the feet of Jesus. The Romans used it for cooking, bathing, and as an insect repellant. The history of lavender is well documented by many cultures who have used it both as a flower and in the kitchen alike for its decorative and medicinal properties.

Photograph by Natalie Mills.

Stepping into the Temecula Lavender Company, one gets a sense of why the herb is so seductive. Filled with the intoxicating scent that welcomes you as you enter, this quaint

Photograph by Natalie Mills.

country store in Old Town Temecula nestled between the Temecula Cheese Company and Jack’s Nuts just off of 5th street in Old Town. With a sense of discovery, you can find blue-spiked wreaths, lavender buds in bulk, and an amazing array of original creations for your body and soul.

The Temecula Lavender Company is a family-run business. My guide in the store, Kristin Woodbury, explained every product and its multiple uses. These products are designed by the

Photograph by Natalie Mills.

family apothecary using original formulas and 100% organic lavender. They also make an

essential lavender oil that when rubbed onto the scalp, not only makes your hair smell seductive, it actually helps your hair grow. Other treats you can find in the store include: Tea Tree oil blended into the shampoo and conditioner to give you the relaxation from the lavender scent along with a tingly clean lather; Grapeseed Oil, the base to their soothing hand lotion; Shea Butter in the most luxurious body lotion, referred to as a Body Veil; and wonderful salt scrubs, foaming bath gels and hand-made soaps.

The Temecula Lavender Company also carries a culinary line. They have created their own pepper blend to include white, green and black lightly laced with lavender buds. Think of that savory smell filling your kitchen while guests await their meal. You will definitely be asked what spices you are using!

Anyone entertaining or wanting to give your home that spa feel, then you need not look any farther. The Temecula Lavender Company will be happy to put together a gift basket for that special friend or for you – if you want to treat yourself.

Photograph by Natalie Mills.

You can find them on facebook or, to view the entire line, visit their website at .

Located at 42072 5th St., Old Town Temecula.

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