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Crispin’s Pick of the Week: Port Brewing, Midnight Sessions Lager

Ok, let’s just say I did not read the label, so I popped the cap and started pouring this ‘lager’…well see for yourself.


Port Brewing: Schwarzbier from Crispin Courtenay on Vimeo.

Huge surprise here, dark coffee colored lager with a caramel head. Some very quick research and I found out this beer was brewed in the Schwarzbier style (Black Beer). I mean in all that is holly, aren’t there laws somewhere, where are the beer police?

This schwarzbier had a thick, clingy head, reminiscent of a Pilsner. I am detecting a trend at work with our local artisan brewers, see another recent article for a similar experience.

Aroma of coffee and caramel.  Taste of espresso, a little thin in the mouth, similar in style to some stouts, slight citrus notes. Hint of hops on the finish giving an astringent, dry mouth-feel, leaving you seeking another drink.

To wrap it up, awesome beer once I got over the lack of Lager in the Lager bottle. Good stuff from San Marcos!

Schwarzbier. Photo by Crispin Courtenay

Port Brewing on the web at: portbrewing.com and on facebook at: facebook.com/pages/Port-Brewing-The-Lost-abbey

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