Change is in the air – Part 2

Danza Del Sol, formerly Filsinger Winery has gone through a lot of changes these past few weeks both inside and outside the winery facility. This work has been done while the historical boutique winery remained open during the weekends. Already people are starting to flock to this little winery and are starting to snatch up the limited membership that is currently available. The first changes to the facility can be seen when pulling into the parking lot. Most of the major construction is nearly completed on the patio area and the vision of Bob Olsen and Mike Tingley is starting to be realized.

Artist's rendition of the remodel. Photo by Tom Plant

The two level patio boost of a large seating area with concrete that is trimmed with a stamped vineyard motif that provides a decorative look to the concrete edging. Construction has already started on the upper and lower water features that will provide the patio area with a soothing waterscape backdrop and will make the area very inviting. A fountain will be perched on an upper level and will be surrounded with seating. The lower area will include additional seating and have ceramic pots that will cascade water into a small atrium area. Tables and chairs will be provided that will allow visitors to sit and enjoy Danza’s wines in an area that is suited for music, picnic style foods, or even full meals. The outside construction is just a small part of the effort that has been going on.

Bob Olson and Mike Tingley. Photo by Tom Plant.

Inside the main building, the tasting/barrel room combination is starting to take shape. Wine counters drape in black cloth are only a temporary visual effect that will later make way for a large roll-away tasting counter to be completed at a later time. The tasting counter will be finished in granite and will allow the counters to be removed for large events. Further off in the corner of the main area will be a permanent members’ private tasting area. This smaller more intimate setting will allow member to get even more personal treatment and have even better access to the staff. Behind the members’ area will be an area to obtain food, wine, and other items that visitor may want during their visit at Danza Del Sol.

Along with the changes to the grounds and facilities, the new wines are being sampled out to Danza’s guests. As mentioned in the first part of this article, Dos Blancos and Tempranillo wines were taking shape. This last barrel tasting of those same wines showed even more flavor and structure then before. It is obvious that Mike, the wine maker, is getting the wines ready for the first major release with the Danza Del Sol label. Yet they still have all the other favorites under the Filsinger label. So whether guests are looking for new flavors coming out of the Temecula Valley or the tried and true, Danza Del Sol should be one of the stops on the De Portola Wine Trail.

Danza Del Sol's new tasting room. Photo by Tom Plant.

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