Le Croissant Bakery

When you hear someone talk about a French Bakery, two words usually come to mind: delicious and, probably, expensive. However, Le Croissant Bakery in Murrieta expresses a slightly more informal discussion. Let me explain.

Michael Chavarrria

Yes, their food is delicious. But their menu of delights is very, very affordable. Owners Ildi and Patrick’s slogan is “Every day: 20 items offered at $1.” This is truly the case. Walk in and you’ll be immediately drawn to their pastry display. On the top shelf, creamy concoctions like mini-éclairs and mini- cream puffs are offered for a dollar each. Tempting little snowballs (otherwise known as Russian Wedding Cookies) sell three for a dollar. Another favorite, Large Florentines made from almond and caramel, can be purchase for a dollar as well.

As you look around the bakery, additional shelves present a colorful variety of larger, very affordable, pastries costing between three and four dollars a portion. I can attest that the Napoleon is everything it should be with crispy layers and sweet, delicate cream filling. I also tried both the chocolate and coffee éclairs and they are out of this world good. They’re soft, light and bursting with flavor.

Le Croissant Bakery will accommodate special orders too. If you want a cake or a large amount of pastries for a party, just talk with Ildi and she’ll set you up.

Patrick is the pastry chef, and since he hails from Provence, you know you’re eating genuine French cuisine. He buys local produce whenever possible, as well as French vinegars and Italian cheeses. One of his biggest secrets though is the special butter he uses in his recipes. It has a low moisture content which extends an incredible flavor to everything he bakes – including his French bread.

If you’ve been to France you must have surely tasted the classic French Baguette bread. The problem is finding the same thing in the states. A long thin loaf might be called a baguette, but a true French Baguette it is not. A true French Baguette has a crispy outer crust covering the soft, melt-in-your mouth bread inside, with a certain indescribably delicious taste. At Le Croissant Bakery, the search is over. They make and sell true fresh baked French Baguettes.

Michael Chavarrria

You can buy a long baguette to bring home or you can order one of their very popular sandwiches made from baguette bread. Chef Patrick created these sandwiches based on the simple, yet delicious sandwiches offered by street vendors in the French City of Marseille. When I return, I plan on trying either the Pan Bagnat filled with eggs, tomato slices and seasoned with vinaigrette. Or perhaps I’ll go for the hot Frites Sandwich that features French fries in the sandwich. (Yes, their hot sandwiches all have French fries inside and customers absolutely love them.) However, this time I was in the mood for their incredible special consisting of a small, individual sized vegetarian quiche (you can also order ham), a crisp green salad and one of their amazing éclairs. Priced at $5.99, this is a great deal.

You’ll find that the menu is filled with traditional French cuisine that is, again, all very affordable. For example their French Breakfast features a six inch baguette, a croissant, jam, their amazing butter, and a twelve ounce coffee for $3.99. Their three egg omelette and huge selection of crepes are also inexpensive and very popular. If you’re yearning for true French cuisine that won’t bust your food budget, look no further than Le Croissant Bakery. Bon Appetite!

Michael Chavarrria

Le Croissant Bakery, 25135 Madison Avenue, Suite 105, Murrieta, CA 92562 (951) 816-3354 (The map for this bakery on Google is incorrect. They’re located across the street from Best Buy.)

2 thoughts on “Le Croissant Bakery

  1. Wow – I know where I’m going this weekend! I’m always on the hunt for a great baguette and the $1 menu sounds downright genius. Thanks for the wonderful article Johanna.


  2. You’re welcome Karima! Yes, that bread… I took home a baguette and my husband and I polished it off in about 5 minutes.


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