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Country Review Relaunched

Recently Country Review magazine threw a party to celebrate a change in ownership of the publication.

Joan Padberg is the publisher and shared some of her hopes and dreams for the magazine which she has presided over for the last 23 years. In a wish list to Santa last year, Joan asked for a partner to for the magazine. She was rewarded by two new partners the long-time team of Don Harbour and Greg Hassler, who also own Golden Crown Productions.

Don was discussing the though process behind buying a magazine and described his partners reaction this way: “When Greg puts his mind to something, it’s like water going downhill, fast and all over the place.”

Their immediate plans for Country Review are to continue the existing high quality production, add a new look and increase circulation.

Gold Crown Productions produces a series of concerts held at Wiens Winery, the proceeds of which benefit local charities. The Wiens donate their facility for the event, which is an extremely generous act on their behalf.

Each concert hosts 600 – 700 guests with VIP seating and private tables available. See their website for the full lineup of cool acts coming to Temecula this Summer.

Wine of choice while listening to the speeches was a Wiens Merlot: plum, fig, vanilla, a little heavy on the oak, mellow in the mouth, good balance and structure, quick finish.

Food for the event was provided by Chef Michael Alexson of Gourmet Your Way, and was excellent. A beautiful chocolate fountain beckoned to those with a sweet-tooth.

Country Review

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