TOT Lunch Meet-Ups

Lunch Meet Up at The Mill

What a blessing to live in this beautiful Valley!  Today, our lunch group dined on the patio at The Mill in Murrieta.  While umbrellas covered most of the heads there, I chose to sit in the sun listening to energetic chatter on either side of me.  Across from me sat Marilyn, with her daughter, thoroughly enjoying a finger-lickin’ mini pizza.  Ed, on the other hand, selected the lunch special for the day: a whopping dish of angel hair pasta covered with a shrimp and salmon-stocked creamy sauce.  Definitely a meal fit for a king!
Trasier opted for the “less calorie dense” chicken salad, most of which he took home for a later snack.  As I looked around the table, I noticed the portions were large enough for two meals, or two people, whichever came first.
To the right of me, Kendra Van Liew and Dawn Worsham chatted with Karen, wine host at Masia de Yabar, and her friend, Janice.  It was entirely pleasant, basking in the sun, sipping an ice cold drink.”
Photo by Loren Scott

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