Ever tasted Avocado Oil?

Well you should, it’s wonderful.

Oak Mountain Winery is well known for it’s wines and fantastic views. Tucked away in the corner of the tasting room is a selection of avocado oils and vinegars that you must try.

Never done an oil tasting before?

It is very similar to wine, with a few differences. Oils in general run a narrow band on the color spectrum ranging from white to green and golden amber, and just like wine can give a good indication of what you are about to taste.

Oak Mountain Avocado Oils

The lineup. Photo by Trasier Schuyler

Next up is the aroma, just like wines, all oils have a typicity, with the finer oils having a fragrant floral nose. This is followed by tasting. The purists drink it just like a wine, however unlike a wine, the oil should be allowed to warm in you mouth before swallowing it, as the heat releases aromatics. The after taste upon swallowing should be pleasant, with any number of herbal aromas. The taste will linger for quite a few minutes.

One caveat do an oil tasting after wine tasting or before eating food, the oils will coat your mouth and give you false reads on the wines you are tasting. The act of eating will move the oil off your mouth, whereas liquid will just glide over the oil.

Myself having never tasted Avocado oil before I had no idea what to expect, but was bracing for the worst and hoping for the best. I was very pleasantly surprised by my first taste. Oak Mountain’s avocado oil was delicate and rich, very similar in flavor to an extra virgin olive oil.

Avocado Oil tasting palate.

Avocado Oil tasting palate. Trasier Schuyler

The following flavors were available when I visited:

  • Natural – nice and mellow, comparable to any good olive oil
  • Coastal Lemon – very fresh, light citrus
  • Key Lime – exactly what you imagine, the intense sour tang from the key lime
  • Blood Orange – a little mellower than expected
  • Roast Garlic – nice, roasted creamy taste, huge time saver
  • Roast Onion – mellower than expected, very pleasant indeed
  • Chili – personally I would have like the heat to match the color, but I like very hot chili oils
  • Dark Cherry Balsamic Vinegar – This was a surprise to be sure, the sweet cherry flavor combined with the rich balsamic, fantastic flavors that would be a tremendous match for game or pork.

One great thing about avocado oil is that is has a very high smoke point of 520 degrees, which means it can be used in the place of virgin olive oils and makes a great replacement for bland and boring canola.

The best way to purchase Oak Mountain’s Avocado Oils and Vinegars is of course at the winery, because that way you get to stay for a wine tasting. Baring that, you may purchase the oils via their online store.  (Oils are $20 for 250 ml and the Vinegars are $16 for 250 ml)

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