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Crispin’s Pick of the Week: Coronado Golden Ale

As Taste of Temecula has grown over the months, we have become aware of an unmet demand from our ever swelling ranks of readers: BEER.

Well you have spoken, and I am here to try my best to find you good beer to drink. Luckily we are blessed with some of the best regional craft brewers, not only in America, but in the World, this is not an exaggeration, the Europeans are starting to copy the IPA style so prevalent in San Diego.

I have stolen column space from Traz’s much loved Wine Pick of the Week, to bring you my own beer pick of the week.

Before you even ask, no, I will not be giving beer out at the Taste of Temecula weekly meet-ups, I can’t be assed. Any free samples are going to end up in my fridge, served up at our weekly Editors lunch or just used as fuel for my writing.

Now that you know where I stand…off to our pick of the week, Coronado Brewing Company, Coronado Golden

Coronado Golden Ale.

Coronado Golden Ale. Photo by Crispin Courtenay

Thick clingy head reminiscent of a good quality Pils from Czechoslovakia or Pilsner from Germany. Unfiltered, on lees with yeast present. Nice bitter nose with sweet undertones. Crisp finish, with a mouth coating creaminess. This ale approaches some of the best hand-made English Ales that I have had, and that is high praise indeed.

Coronado Brewing company has a nice restaurant down in Coronado, so if your down in San Diego it’s definitely worth the stop. See their full beer list at: coronadobrewingcompany.com

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