Wine of the Week

A lovely day for a gentle Syrah

Traz Pick this week, is written by, Crispin Courtenay. Traz is having an attack of Springitous and living the life of Riley today.

Charlie Curry. Photo by Juanita Gates.

This weeks pick is from Curry Vineyards of Temecula. Curry is a small operation run by Charlie Curry. They run a tasting room in Old Town Temecula, in the historic Palomar hotel and a vineyard in wine country. See our article from February 10 for the full story.

We chose the 2007 Syrah, Temecula. Approximately 150 cases produced. Large blackberry with mild Bing cherry on the nose. Quite fruity aroma, a breeze came over the table and I could smell the nose on Traz’s wine before I even poured my own. Mild in the mouth, with supple tannins and a nice finish. This wine will surprise you as it is very gentle for Syrah, easily approachable by new wine drinkers. ($18)

Mention Taste of Temecula at the Curry Vineyard tasting room and enjoy 20% off for the next week so only $15.00!

Curry Vineyards


28522 Old Town Front Street
Temecula, California

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