Chinese for dinner

Friday night I decided to take my family out to dinner, to one of our favorite restaurants in town, Red Ginger. We typically visit Red Ginger about two times a year, so I would not call us regulars, but we have gotten to know their menu and staff pretty well.

A remarkable thing their staff, we have had the same server Jack, serving us every time we have visited Red Ginger, I thought he must be the owner until I was introduced to the manager.

It was a busy Friday with a wait list, but as usual for Red Ginger, it was only ten minutes. They move tables fast!

Jack, one of the fantastic staff at Red Ginger

We ordered drinks, which were immediately followed by Mandarin oranges and hot towels.

Appetizers were next up, this is by far the kids favorite as we go for the assorted appetizer tray which comes complete with a miniature hibachi in the center.  You do not actually have to cook anything, but my kids get a kick out of it all the same. Satay, spring rolls, fried won ton, tempura shrimp with dipping sauces, something for everyone!

Bit of a cold night out, so everyone followed up with soup, my Wife’s was gratis as the kitchen felt that she needed a soup. In all we had a Won Ton, Egg Drop, and Hot and Sour.

I have to wait, no way!

Next was the main courses, normally we order quite a wide selection, however tonight the kiddies were full, so we only had Szechuan Green Beans and Chicken Kung Pao.

Almond cookies, more Mandarins, regular oranges, lychee  and almond cookies for treats, again, gratis.

Red Ginger is one of the best Chinese Restaurants in Temecula. Service is wicked fast, friendly and competent. They run daily

specials for lunch and dinner, which are well worth trying.

Szechuan green beans and Kung Pao

Red Ginger

540405 Winchester Rd
Temecula, CA 92591


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