TOT Lunch Meet-Ups

Lunch at Barley & Hops, Taste of Temecula Style

It’s a weekly occurrence. Somewhere in the Temecula area, each Wednesday at noon, Taste of Temecula’s staff and fans gather for lunch. And maybe a beverage or two. Last week the gathering spot was Barley and Hops on the Temecula Parkway. I’ve passed by Barley and Hops on several occasions and even ventured in once, but left as they were busy. They’re busy for a good reason. The food is excellent. Their selection of beers is unsurpassed. Lucky for us, Andrew Marshall from Temecula’s Black Market Brewing Company joined us and brought with him some of his tasty brew. Even some of the non beer drinkers at the table remarked on how good it was.

We all had a good visit and placed our food orders. I ordered a Cornish Pasty with lamb stew and once it arrived I enjoyed it immensely. My only complaint was that it took almost twenty minutes from the time the first order arrived at our table until the last was served. Some folks had finished eating before others were served. I’ll tell you, though, it was worth the wait. The pasty was golden brown, flaky and filled with a perfectly seasoned lamb stew. Every mouthful was incredible. Around the table others were enjoying Fish ‘n Chips, Mac ‘n Cheese Stuffer with chicken, Cheddar Pints (battered, deep fried cheddar curds) and home-style meatloaf. The portions are substantial and more than one person left with a doggy bag.

Door prizes? Funny you should mention. The good folks at Milagro Farms in Ramona provided a bottle of their Chardonnay (one of the best I’ve tasted) and their Cabernet Sauvignon. Keep your eyes peeled for the next location of our Wednesday lunch get togethers. A good time is had by all.

Thanks to Mike Chava for the photos.

Terry Connolly & Trasier Schuyler

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