Live Music

Antonio Pontarelli at The Edge

By Marilyn Tipps

Antonio, picking up the violin at the tender age of three, has emerged into a young man with award winning talent and a sound all his own. He is his appearance is captivating, with a pretty, boyish face, signature long hair and a tender smile. The electric violin is unusual to many music lovers. It has only the frame of a standard violin, but belts out a sound so amazing you will be hooked from the very first note Antonio plays.

Photo by Micheal Chava

Throughout Antonio’s upbringing, he has won award upon award, including being crowned “Grand Champion” of “America’s Most Talented Kids” and in that same year was awarded the “Young Artist Awards” winner for “Outstanding Young Rock Musician.” This award is heralded as an equivalent to winning an Oscar as a talented young person.

A local to Temecula, we were lucky enough to have Antonio play at our own popular venue, The Edge on Saturday night.  Packed with Antonio’s family, friends and people curious about this prodigy of a young man, The Edge rocked hard to scores of the rock violin, many of which are original award winning writings of Antonio. His family and his cousin, who sang in between sets with a blues vibe joined in on all of the fun. When he’s not performing, Antonio is spending time promoting other young talented musicians through The Grammy Organization, which brings music to children who are less fortunate. He is currently working on his CD, studying violin with Hernan Costantino, assistant concert master for the San Diego Symphony and Jesus Florido, studys voice with Billy Purnell and Eric Vetro and works every summer with Grammy winner Mark O’ Connor and Emmy winner Mark Wood. This busy young rising star is one to watch as he climbs his stairway to world fame.

The Edge, the hub of late night entertainment in Old Town Temecula. Photo by Micheal Chava

You can learn more about Antonio Pontarelli at

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