Wine of the Week

Milagro: by definition, such an effect or event manifesting or considered as a work of God.

Yep, that’s pretty much how I see it too. Finding a good Chardonnay in this area can sometimes be challenging. Well, fret no longer my chardonnay lovers. Although you have been drawn to La Crema and the sort, I have found your local alternative and at a price that you will sing an ample praise to.

I love my passion for turning people onto wine, I am fortunate to be able to  write about wines that I truly believe you will enjoy every week. This week I am thrilled to turn you onto not just a wine but a legacy. A father who passed his crafts down to his son who has taken his training and will no doubt some day equal his fathers stature. Joe Hart must sincerely be proud of his son Jim who has taken his knowledge and applied to the profession of making great wine.

Now comes the irony, Joe Hart if asked what grapes he grows. He would answer  ABC, (Anything But Chardonnay.) WHAT IS MY PICK OF THE WEEK?  The Milagro Chardonnay. Why? Because it’s that good!

Clean, Clear, Crisp, Goodness, that I am excited to share with Chard drinkers who have turned their noses to local offerings. To them I say drink and thirst no more. Warmer seasons are upon us and our favorite reds must take a back seat to the whites until the sun sets and my friends, I Trasier Schuyler proudly suggest, nay I implore you to seek and find this wine that is sure to satisfy your  palate.

Here are the tasting notes for those who need further convincing;

Classic Chardonnay nose, apple, bosc pear, hint of orange blossom, star-fruit, vanilla notes. Rich and creamy mouth-feel, lingering finish. Excellent balance, would be interesting to taste with no oak. 30% of this wine spent 5 months on new oak to undergo malolactic fermentation, the balance was kept in stainless steel to preserve the fruit texture.

Ok, so what more do you need a blessing by the Pope? Well if they had that the price would not be as affordable and it wouldn’t make the wine any better.

Speaking of price, regularly $18.00 a bottle, however if you mention that you read about it on “Taste of Temecula” and you will receive 20% off the purchase price. Only $14.40, which is an absolute steal for wine of this quality. Available for purchase on-line or for pick-up at Hart Winery in Temecula.

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