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SoCal Art Series presents Paul Ryker

Last week Tesoro Winery in Old Town hosted their third SoCal Art Series and tonight it was painter, Paul Ryker.

Ryker was overheard saying this this was his favorite painting, titled Beach Kid. Photograph courtesy of Paul Ryker

The number of works was on the small side compared to previous showings, although the work displayed by Ryker was of excellent quality .

Unfortunately tonight I did not have time to have a glass of wine while enjoying the art. Ginger Giordano was present as always pouring wine as fast as she could, free wine and appetizers the night prior to the Rod Run proved to be popular with all passersby.

Lochleven Lake. Photograph courtesy of Paul Ryker

Ryker’s paintings are unusual in technique. Close up it was abstract brushwork, and rainbow color patterns, step back a few paces though and everything starts to come together. At about 12 feet away the artwork transforms again, into a soft-focus photo realistic style. It was quite brilliant, and I have not encountered a technique like this before.

Paul Ryker teaches a comprehensive painting course that encompasses clay sculpture, live models, still models and drawing from photographs. Equal focus is paid to developing drawing and painting skills. Judging by student comments the course is a huge success.

Rykers full works can be seen at and my usual disclaimer, the photographs do not do the work justice.

Tesoro's 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon. Photograph by Natalie Mills

Tesoro Winery Tasting Room is located at:

28475 Old Town Front Street & 6th

Temecula, California

(951) 308-0000

2 thoughts on “SoCal Art Series presents Paul Ryker

  1. Thanks Lon, there are a lot of us volunteering our time for this project, and we hope that our readers can take something positive away.


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