Denim and Diamonds

There are many fun and fancy charity events for very worthy causes. Then there is the Diamond and Denim Gala. May 15th 2010 is the 8th Annual Denim and Diamonds gala to benefit Safe Alternatives For Everyone.  The western-themed event takes place at K.D. Acres, a beautiful 15 acre ranch in the heart of Temecula Wine Country. It is fun, casual, and definitely comfortable while still being just a little fancy. Denim and Diamonds is known for its huge silent auction. The live auction is always fun, and a delicious dinner will be provided by American Classic Catering. There will also be dancing, all night long!

S.A.F.E. provides services for children, youth and families who have experienced or are at risk of abuse and violence. This fundraiser provides the bulk of the operating costs for S.A.F.E., including aid given to families in need, programs for the community, and overhead at the facility in Old Town Temecula. Executive director, Melissa Donaldson, has created a warm, attractive environment where the many needs of families can be met. Safe Alternatives For Everyone is not a shelter, but rather, offers many solutions to the complex problem of violence in the home.

June Early, Director of Client Services, explains, “One woman was severely beaten and will need reconstructive surgery. We can put her in touch with resources so she can get help.”

S.A.F.E. does not want to just deal with the aftermath of violence in the home, but also prevention. They partner with the Police Activities League to provide many programs and services for area youth. All of the police officers donate their time for things like Girl’s Circle, Boy’s Council, Youth Case Management, Anger Management, and many more activities.

“The P.A.L. program is especially helpful because some of these kids have been in trouble, so they don’t always see the police in the most positive light. When they see the police here, volunteering their time, it makes the kids see them differently. It establishes respect,” says Patti Drew, Development Coordinator.

The P.A.L.s program, which was established in New York in the 1930’s is just one of the many community services S.A.F.E offers.

S.A.F.E.  is not like any other domestic abuse program. The difference is apparent as soon as you walk in the door. This is not a depressing bureaucratic office, painted in institutional green. It is a beautiful place where one can imagine hope returning to those who have lost it. There is no set script followed when someone calls with a need. Each case is evaluated and dealt with on it’s own.

“We are not looking to shelter women temporarily, we want to give them the tools to live,”  June Early explains passionately.

That kind of mindset benefits everybody in the community. Please come out to K.D. Acres and support the amazing things that are happening at S.A.F.E.

If you are a business owner and would like to donate goods or services to the silent auction, please contact S.A.F.E at 951-587-390

If you are someone who is in a dangerous, or potentially dangerous situation, or would like tools to improve your family, please contact S.A.F.E at 951-587-390 or visit the website at safefamiliesca.org

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