As wedding season approaches, brides are focused on cakes, flowers and pretty dresses.  There are two wonderful ladies who can help these brides with a non-traditional cake display.  Trish Forney and Janet Elwell are the minds behind Babycakes Cupcakes.  You can’t find them in any storefront. They simply work from their website, http://Baby-Cakes-Cupcakes.com.  A sunny porch at Falkner Winery was a perfect place for cupcake tasting. They graciously brought along six flavors:

Tuxedo: A light chocolate devil’s food cake, a fluffy cream filling, topped with their own buttercream frosting and chocolate curls.

Lemon Zinger: A delicious poppy seed cake with lemon filling, topped with buttercream and lemon zest, married all of the flavors together.

14 Carrot: Very moist, filled with sweet golden raisins, carrots and just the right amount of nuts.  It is topped with a secret recipe cream cheese frosting.

Razzle Dazzle: This seems to be the favorite of brides, a light cake filled with luscious raspberry filling and topped with buttercream flavored with a touch of almond and multi colored sprinkles.

Crushed Velvet: a perfectly colored red cake topped with that secret cream cheese frosting and a few nuts.

Luscious Lips: Last but not least, the most decadent of all. This special dark chocolate cake is infused with the Luscious Lips Red Wine, found at Falkner Winery, then topped with dark rich chocolate frosting and a pair of red hot lips. Created specially for Loretta Falkner, you can find this one for sale at the winery on the weekends.

There are many more flavors to choose from, all listed on the website. Babycakes can color match the frostings any wedding scheme and create a display incorporating your flowers that will be beautiful, elegant and tasty.

Think of Babycakes for Wedding Showers, Baby Showers, Birthday Party, or any special occasion.

Babycakes Janet (951) 813-9078 or Trish (760) 518-2836

One thought on “BABYCAKES

  1. Just had to reply after seeing a couple times now the misspelling of “palate”. A “pallet” is the wooden platform goods are delivered on or a narrow hard bed. Otherwise, love all the info you’ve been providing. Keep up the good work.


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