Manhattan Deli

Photo by Loren Scott

By: Marilyn Tipps

The Manhattan Deli had been on my mind for days. Finally stepping, in my eyes first fixated on the size of the pastries gleaming at me from within the glass cabinets.  The Manhattan Deli is a New York deli serving up kosher meats, whitefish, tongue and borscht. The authentic New York Cheesecake is freshly made daily by the on site pastry chef and the éclairs the size of bricks brought a smile to my hungry face.

Photo by Loren Scott

Seated towards the back, the photographer and I were forewarned that the deli would be almost to capacity within a half hour. Upon being seated, we were served

pickles. There was a difference in color that we questioned as to the difference. When asked, we were told there was “new” and  “old” referring to the pickling process.  There was a big difference in flavor. The new are a bright green, looking more like a cucumber, crisp, light. They have the fresh taste as a fresh vegetable would have. The old has the taste we are accustomed to in a kosher pickle. The garlic and heavier flavors are more apparent. Both are very delicious.

We were soon served a plate loaded with sandwiches that were four inches thick. The Reuben was made with some of the most tender pastrami I have tasted, and little if any fat.   A Corned Beef sandwich had wonderful flavor, not overly salty. The Turkey sandwich had a delicate flavor with lettuce and tomato. The Brisket was thinly sliced beef dipped into the Au Jus. and oh, what a delight.  The sandwiches were all accompanied by homemade fresh red potato salad and coleslaw, sweet and crunchy.  When we thought we had enough food on the table, the manger, John, insisted on bring us Manhattan Deli steak fries, which were delicious.

Then again to our surprise, John delivered us a plate stacked with desserts.

The first bite was of Rugelach (pronounced Ru-ga-lah) croissant style cookie, embedded with chocolate chips, perfect with a cup of coffee. Then we tried the Florentine Fruit Tart consisting of butter cream piped into an almond brittle bowl lined with chocolate then topped with fresh berries and kiwi.  The photographer’s eyes lit up with this one, he loved it. Last was the oversized slice of New York Cheesecake. All I can say is, amazing. A truly New York style cheesecake, it was so creamy, with the slight hint of vanilla and lemon. We were completely and happily overwhelmed by the flavors offered to us.

The Manhattan Deli also serves breakfast, which to my delight, includes lox and bagels. The word that they are open is spreading fast. They never have a day that they aren’t full to capacity. This place is a must!

Manhattan Deli is located at 26495 Ynez Rd Temecula, CA 92591 or call them at (951) 296-9741

4 thoughts on “Manhattan Deli

  1. Hate to say but I was less than impressed with my first visit. The place looks great, but after informing the waiter I had to leave early, I never received my sandwich. He told me it would take no time at all, but 25 minutes later I had to go. Too bad. The pickles were great!


  2. That’s too bad you did not get to try the food Tom. I have yet to eat there, but it’s a deli, so I am expecting 5 – 10 minutes maximum wait. I’ll try it out soon.


  3. Four family members had breakfast yesterday after church at the one in Temecula. Every one of us were totally amazed at how good everything from the coffee to the omlettes and specifically the great potatoes (never tasted any near as good, anywhere) We all agreed we will definately go back. Very generous portions also and good service.


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