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Acoustic Sessions at Stellar Cellar

I have had the pleasure to know local musician/singer/songwriter Tim Moyer for several years now.  So, when I heard that he was playing a regular Wednesday night event called Acoustic Sessions at the Edge in Old Town Temecula, I made a mental note to swing by sometime soon and check it out.  Well… in this town, if you pause too long to tie your shoe, something changes.  And, this was no different.

Tim Moyer - Photo by Loren Scott

Just as Tim was getting things warmed up at The Edge, management there decided to go a different direction with their Wednesday night entertainment.  For about two seconds, Tim’s Acoustic Sessions was homeless.  I saw a post from Tim on Facebook lamenting the situation, almost immediately followed by the happy news that Stellar Cellar, just up Front Street from The Edge, had open it’s arms (or doors, as the case may be) and has now become the new home for Tim Moyer’s Wednesday night Acoustic Sessions.  This Wednesday was the first of what will be a weekly showcase of great acoustic music performances, hosted by Tim Moyer, and featuring guest musicians of Tim’s choosing.  On this night, Tim’s guest was guitarist/singer Mike Vitale.

Co-owner Julian Nelson - Photo by Loren Scott

Stellar Cellar is an intimate lounge-style wine bar that had about a dozen or so happy wine sippers on this night, relaxing with a nice drink and listening to Tim and Mike’s mood-setting music.

Speaking of sipping wine… I am not typically much of a wine drinker myself.  I don’t have much of a taste for it generally.  And, I have a total distaste for beer of any kind.  So, when I first got to the place and started snapping photos, co-owner and barkeep of the night, Julian Nelson, offered to get me something to drink.  “Diet Coke”, I replied.  Julian smiled and shook his head — “Wine and beer only!”, he said.  “Oh… or a bottled water?”  I accepted the water.  I explained that I did not much care for the bitter red wines and most whites were too strong for my tastes.  Julian smiled and said he had something I might like, then.  He then served up a wine glass with a taste of Moscato D’Asti, a very sweet and smooth chilled white wine.  I sipped.  I sipped some more.  I LIKED IT!  So… I ended up buying a bottle for $21 to take back home to share with the wife.  Nice marketing, Julian!

Photo by Loren Scott

If you’re looking for a nice place to relax on a Wednesday evening between 8 and 10PM, with some great wine and equally great live acoustic music, head down to Stellar Cellar on Old Town Front Street (just north of Rosa’s Cantina on the same side of the street) and enjoy Tim Moyer’s Acoustic Sessions.


Tim Moyer –

Stellar Cellar –
28636 Old Town Front Street, Suite #102, Temecula, CA  92590
(P) 951-676-2722

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