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Truly Madly Sweetly

I have probably driven by at least one hundred times. I constantly eyed the small bakery not venturing in until recently.  Pastry Chef Cathryn Howard and her daughter in-law Mercediz Howard have mastered the art of gourmet cupcakes and cheesecake. Cathryn, a graduate of the California School of Culinary Arts, Le Cordon Bleu, has been creating the small sized hand held cheesecakes for 20 years. She found she kept coming back to those wonderful delights known as cupcakes. She has created so many exquisite gourmet flavors, that no matter which you choose you will be delighted.

Photograph by Loren Scott

The store is so quaint you can easily miss it. There is no fancy sign, no bright colors,  just a sign that reads “cupcakes”, but as you enter this bakery  your eyes grow big with excitement.  Creamy colored walls, bistro chairs, you anticipate the sweet delight you will soon be handed.  There are usually samples to help you choose.  Choosing is half the battle here.  First, choosing between the case filled with cupcakes with names like Tickled Pink; a strawberry cake topped fresh strawberry buttercream, Heart Throb; southern red velvet cake topped with dense cream cheese frosting (one of their most popular) and Hummingbird; A vintage spice cake recipe with hints of fresh banana and pineapple topped with the dense cream cheese frosting. Cathryn added new flavors; Mocha Latte; chocolate cake topped off with coffee buttercream and coffee bean, and the Boston Cream filled with none other than that delectable vanilla cream, topped with vanilla bean buttercream then hand dipped into a chocolate ganache. It doesn’t get any richer than that!

The cheesecakes are just as amazing.  The samples was a delicious raspberry cheesecake.   The cheesecake come with flavors just as amazing as the cupcakes. PB no J; peanut butter cheesecake with a chocolate grenache. Pucker Up; lemon cheesecake with lemon topping, or Bermuda Triangle; key lime cheesecake topped with creamy vanilla.   About the same size as the cupcake the cheesecake mouthfuls are far better than a full slice and you can try more than one flavor.  Stay awhile and grab a coffee or milk which ever you prefer with your cake.

Photograph by Loren Scott


Cathryn and Mercediz have entered into the wedding market. The bride can choose any color, and can customize the flavors and fillings.  Truly Madly Sweetly is a top-notch bakery, there are no cut corners on flavor or presentations. The cakes are displayed so beautifully any bride can be confident that their cakes will be gorgeous. Stop in and see Cathryn and Mercediz, they love to chat and are gracious to answer any questions you may have for them.  Truly Madly Sweetly is at the corner of Jefferson and Kalmia. 41539 Kalmia, Murrieta

Call (951) 677-9494.  Even better come visit the beautiful website

41539 Kalmia St
Unit 102
Murrieta, CA


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