Pasta making class at Kitchen Fantasy

Kitchen Fantasy  is a complete culinary store serving Temecula. They moved recently and began cooking classes in their new location. A recent class was taught by Chef Dave Collins, a long-time employee of Kitchen Fantasy as well as a local Chef.

fresh pasta hanging on a drying rack

Spinache, red pepper and plain pasta were some of the noodles made during the lass. Photograph by Natalie Mills

Kitchen Fantasy was established in 1984 by Ernie Rodriguez, originally as a knife sharpening business. The business has proven successful and has just moved to a new 2,900 square foot space, literally around the corner from the old location.

Chef Dave minces parsley for the ravioli. Photograph by Natalie Mills.

Cooking classes typically run from 6:00pm to 8:00pm and will be held up to four times a week. There are approximately 20 participants per class, with demonstrations that hold slightly more.

“The goal of the cooking classes were for everyone to get involved, hands on where possible and have fun, to make food that was repeatable at home,” Rodriguez said.

The kitchen is a well equipped studio, including a video feed to a wide-screen TV, so that the Chefs moves are never lost to those in the back row. There is plenty of room for the class to get hands on and involved. Conveniently, if there is a tool or gadget that the Chef needs, the entire store is at his disposal

Step one, cram the pasta through the machine. Photograph by Natalie Mills

Watching twenty people trying to mix and roll out pasta for the first time in their lives, and the Chef trying to keep the class was interesting. However, everyone had a fun time and learned how to easily make hand-made pasta.

“I think we need more flour” was echoed by Chef Collins, however looking at the floor at the end of the night, proved that maybe this was an unwise statement.

Photograph by Natalie Mills

The next class is hands-on sushi and sashimi. Ernie said only the Chef would handle the sharp knives.

counter-top with a pasta recipe

Every student went home with an understanding how to make different types of pasta, and all the recipes and hints used during the class. Photograph by Natalie Mills

As more people find out about the cooking classes, they are selling out quickly. Rodriguez hopes to offer three to four a week to keep up with demand and keep the class sizes manageable.

Kitchen Fantasy carries a full line of cookware and accessories, supplying professional chefs and home cooks alike.


27576 Ynez Road
Temecula, CA 92591
(951) 693-4264


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