A night on the town in grand style

Trasier Schuyler, Taste of Temecula Publisher, enjoying the stress-free ride to San Diego. Transportation courtesy of Showcase Limousine. Photo by Natalie Mills

Taste of Temecula Crew were recently treated to a night with all the stops pulled out. Keeping us in a style that we could easily grow accustomed to was Showcase Limousine .

Our driver Chris was an affable and intimately professional driver. We departed Temecula and kicked off the ride in style by opening an unreleased library wine from Leonesse Cellars, 2004 Melange De Reves . The wine was signed in gold ink by the wine maker no less.

Our ride was surprisingly smooth and the large size of the limousine allowed the occupants to stretch out and relax. Before anyone had realized it, we were in our destination in San Diego.

We called on several more locations that night, and everywhere we went we were stared at by gawkers. Our photography team provided their own red carpet treatment, guaranteeing a crowd of curious onlookers gathering around the intrepid writers. One could get use to the star treatment rather quickly.

Personally, I do not think I will ever again attend a large-tasting event without a limousine and driver. It made the entire night much more enjoyable for everyone, without having to worry about a designated driver. The ability to work or relax, or simply to avoid the hassle and stress of rush-hour traffic is hard to beat.

Watching the world go by. Photo by Natalie Mills

Showcase Limousine was established over 30 years ago and primarily serves Riverside County. They have several styles of vehicles to choose from, and have a staff of highly-trained, professional and courteous drivers.

The next time you have to travel to the airport, wine tasting, a play or an important business meeting, consider hiring a limousine. If your group is splitting the cost, the rates are surprisingly affordable. From the work side of the equation, having a driver will allow you to get more work accomplished and arrive fresh and relaxed.

Photo By Natalie Mills

Showcase Limousine

(951) 653 – 9811


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