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La Pointe, Grand Opening

February 11th marked the grand opening ceremony and party of La Pointe, Private Client Group a Full Service Brokerage and Financial Planner in Old Town Temecula.

The Chamber of Commerce was there for a ribbon cutting ceremony followed by more fun than I have seen in ages. There is going to be a full candy shop, popcorn stand, beer and brats on the patio, yes patio, the La Pointe’s don’t mess around. Also mentioned—please it was the first thing we asked—was that the wine was going to be provided by the neighboring The Collective. Catering was provided by Soro’s Mediterranean Restaurant.

Upon entering the front door, and stepping on to a manhole cover, you know that there is some serious eclecticism afoot. Every office has a dedicated theme, and the whole is designed like a little city, board walk, cobblestone, brick floors, whimsical fun and a serious amount of financial brickabrack everywhere.

Many bulls, but most of the bears were in hiding…wishful thinking?

My favorite part of the office was a light washed atrium, with deep leather couches a chess board, and a view right onto The Collectives VIP patio. This is now my favorite space in Temecula, you feel creative just sitting there. I actually forgot about my scheduled appointment there, and ended up catching up on unrelated business until I noticed a full 45 minutes had spun by.

Karen and David La Pointe are a husband and wife full service brokerage and financial planning group. They like to stress that they work for you, and not Wall Street. They look like such fun people, and it is nice to be able to actually visit your broker rather than deal with one that is who knows where.

The open house is scheduled to run from 4:30 – 8:00, Thursday February 11th. They are located directly over The Edge restaurant and next door to The Collective in Old Town.

La Pointe Private Client Group
28544 Old Town Front Street, Suite #201
Temecula, CA  92590
Phone: (951) 694-3537

Karen and David La Pointe. Photograph by Loren Scott

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