Wine of the Week

Traz Pick “No, The Other Winery On Monte De Oro”

Hey, have you checked out that winery on Monte De Oro? No not the one that looks like it just blew in from Napa.  The one just a mile up the road on the right. The one with the old blue Chevy truck parked parallel to the acres of  rolling vineyards with the breath taking Palomar Mountain in the background. The one that reminds you of a real farm, with a modest tasting room, and three resident winery dogs. This is where a real wine maker lives and makes great wine! I’m talking about Palumbo Family Winery & Vineyard!

Nick Palumbo has earned a reputation in the Temecula Valley of “I can’t think of a bad thing to say about the guy or his wine.”  Along with a spotless rep, I have never heard him say a bad word about anyone.  Maybe that is one reason so many enjoy his wine. Reputation aside, our fans on the Taste Of Temecula Facebook page love Palumbo’s 2006 Tre Frateli, and so do I.

Locally grown Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc make up this beautiful Meritage. As soon as you remove the cork and pour your first glass, you know your about to try something special. Allow this wine to open up a bit and you will see that, with a little time, this wine goes from good to great.

Though the winery itself may lack in elegance, the Tre Fratelli should be reserved for  your finest meals with your closest friends. (For me, I’m considering the possibility of allowing our resident Chef Crispin Courtenay the privilege of preparing a meal for the Taste Of Temecula Staff and sharing a bottle or two over one of his amazing creations.) Having said that, I am on my second glass and I have no remorse in the fact that I am enjoying this with only the accompaniment of my latest Carla Bruni download.

Well, here’s To Nick Palumbo, a Temecula Wine Maker and his Tre Fratelli. If you want to taste for yourself what I have tried to describe, then head up the driveway to the Palumbo Family Winery & Vineyards on Monte De Oro and pick up your own bottle. Nick and Cindy are offering Taste Of Temecula fans 20% off their Tre Fratelli. Normally $38.00 now $30.40 from 2/12-2/19/10.

Palumbo Family Winery & Vineyard located at

40150 Barksdale Circle
Temecula, CA 92591

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