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Café des Artistes

While reviewing the stunning works of art hanging on the walls of the Fallbrook Art Center we kept hearing the din and rustle of what we thought was a big meeting. After spying Champagne buckets, we decided that a closer inspection—much closer—was in order.

Lo and behold there was a Café tucked inside the gallery, well they shared walls…it is confusing, but it works. Speaking of walls, seemingly every square inch of space was crammed with artwork for sale, and not the mundane work that is overpriced and uninspired, but art with passion and soul.

Café des Artistes located in the Fallbrook Art Center. Photo by Natalie Mills.

The place was full, lively, and a real joy to discover. The owner Michael Calvanese a Brooklyn native himself named the Cafe des Artistes after the famed New York landmark.

The hardest part about Cafe des Artistes was deciding just what to order. This menu is packed with great choices, a cappuccino, a pot of tea, a bottle of wine, lunch, something from the Soda Fountain…yes a soda fountain straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

Lunch was more of a quick bite between assignments, an Americano and Split Pea Soup, and a Cappachino with a French Onion. Both soups were wonderful, classically prepared. Calvanese said that he tried to keep all of his ingredients organic, and if not organic, then chemical free.

The wine selection has been carefully thought out and is very impressive in its breadth for such a small establishment. The impulse to grab a few bottles and laze away the afternoon was discussed seriously.

A return trip is planned in the near future.

103 South Main Street, Fallbrook, CA

(760) 728-3350


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