Curry Vineyards and Winery

Charlie Curry, proprietor.

A misty Friday evening provided a wonderful backdrop into Old Town Temecula.  As the door opened at the Palomar historic hotel, a cone shape stove warmed the quaint wine tasting room.  The room contained well-trimmed woodwork that complimented the warmth of the building.  Charlie Curry provided a cheerful welcome and the tasting began.  He brought us up-to-date on his ten year history of his viticulture experience in the Temecula valley.  His pleasant nature and eye catching smile makes this a great place for a visit.

The evening started with an ’07 Cabernet Sauvignon.  The dark cherry/berry aromas and flavors filled the palate with the thoughts of home made pie.  The wine is an indication of what the Curry property can produce, since his wine is completely estate grown.  The wine is aged 26 months in American Oak and has a light toasty structure.

Next on the list was ’07 Syrah.  This deep ruby colored wine is easy to drink with aromas of ripe cherry.  The flavor was distinctly that of cherry with small amounts of berry.  This is a good sipping wine and would be a good start for those who would like an introduction to Syrah varietals.

The third wine was an ’07 Cabernet Franc.  This slightly translucent ruby colored wine has fragrant of toasted oak and rich cherry.  The wine had a bright, refreshing taste and would pair well with grilled meats or slightly aged steaks.  As the final glass was poured, Charlie brought to attention the need to initially produce wines from single varietals.  This allows the wine maker to better determine what the property is capable of producing.  In time, blending can take place to create even more complex flavors.

The final wine was a complex Zinfandel with over tones of raisins and deep rich berry.  The tannic structure was robust but not overly strong, the flavor lingered long on the palate.  The alcohol was a little high, but the fruit held up well and would be a great wine to drink with a rich dark chocolate cake.  This was a far different wine then the previous three and demonstrated the complex structure in the hands of a craftsman.

Curry Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, both 2007. Photo by Juanita Gates

As the tasting ended, the evening mist turned into a light sprinkle.  Staying and drinking the wine seemed to be a better choice then going out in the cool, wet evening.  Charlie didn’t seem to be in much of a hurry, well why not…  Fill it up…

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