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SoCal Artist Night features the work of Jim Bates

“I am inspired by the moment. My paintings using only three primary colors are rich and bold colorful evocative images derived through many translucent layers of watercolor glazes. ”

Tesoro Winery is hosting another SoCal Artist showings this Thursday, February 11th from 7:00 to 9:00.

The first glass of wine and nibbles are on Tesoro Winery…so if you are the ultimate cheap date…you can’t do better!

Politics, Jim Bates

Jim Bates is the artist, and his work tends to favor reassuring themes:

“My eight Galleries depict topics I tend to favor: Music, from hot jazz to classical piano; Animals, and the portraits of beloved pets and wild deer and horses; Landscapes where I’ve stood taking in nature’s wonders in the US and Europe; Sports for a whimsical look at  fishing, golf, poker and conversation; Still Life that that captivates through shapes and colors; and “Heroes” I admire. Uniquely Fallbrook is a hometown favorite.”

Guacamole & Chips, Jim Bates

Taste of Temecula will be covering this event, so join us, drink some great wine and maybe bring home something new to hang on your wall.

Tesoro Winery

28475 Old Town Front Street at 6th in Old Town Temecula

(951) 308-0000

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