Want your business or event reviewed by Taste of Temecula?

Want your business or event reviewed by Taste of Temecula?

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Why Taste of Temecula?

Taste of Temecula is the fastest growing online publication promoting Temecula Valley and the surrounding area. Every day, Taste of Temecula reaches hundreds of people who are looking for places to go and things to do in our area. Our staff is made up of people passionate about food, wine and all our area has to offer. A review or advertisement in Taste of Temecula will expose you to the more than 350 daily visitors to our website, as well as reaching our more than 1,300 fans on Facebook. We are able to reach a customer base that stretches far beyond Temecula Valley.

Food and Beverage

Unsolicited Review:

Currently we review two different ways, an unsolicited review and a solicited review. Unsolicited reviews are likely of a business that we are familiar with in some capacity. It may also be a business that our readers have asked us to review. We generally let the proprietor know we are there, and the purpose of our visit.

Solicited Review:

A solicited review is one in which you  (the business owner)  ask us to come and review your business. You cover the cost of the meal or event. For the most comprehensive review, we recommend a representative selection of dishes from your menu, or in the case of an event, participating as one of the guests. We write extensively about wine and encourage smart parings where possible as it brings considerable depth to the article.

Our reviews usually have a photographer and writer present, however on occasion a photographer is not available, and will arrange for a photo shoot at an earlier or later time.

For a winery, wine bar, brewery, pub etc, we cover everything from special events to special, vertical or horizontal tastings. We have multiple expert ranked tasters, and many wine enthusiasts on staff. Some of our writers contribute to other publications and have a large following.

In the event of a potentially bad review

Occasionally, a reviewer may have a bad experience, or an establishment may have an off day. Our editorial policies are to write positive articles about local businesses. Writing a harsh and scathing review is not the type of journalism that we are interested in pursuing. We are in the business of promoting locally owned businesses. If a bad experience has been had, our writer or publisher will contact the business owner or manager and apprise them of what went wrong, and our opinion on where to correct deficiencies. In a few months time we can come back and do a new interview, hopefully with a positive experience.

Getting the most out of your Taste of Temecula review

We encourage reviewed businesses to offer a discount or online coupon specifically to Taste of Temecula readers. It is up to the discretion of the business owner, but we recommend at least 15%. It is often the added incentive a reader needs to become a customer.

Another way to reach customers

We host numerous events as well as weekly meet-ups. We love giving away door prizes and rewarding our fans in unsuspecting ways. If you have some merchandise (wine and gift cards are a huge hit with our fans) that you would like to donate, we will be sure to distribute it. You get some great PR, and maybe a few new customers, and we get raving fans, a win-win situation!

Other businesses or events

Please contact us as info@tasteoftemecula.net or alternately at (951) 234-1117, if your business matches our demographic and there is a good story or angle, we will be sure to fit you into our schedule.

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