Diva Inc. A Boutique Experience for Women and Girls

Diva Inc. is high fashion boutique for women and girls. The walls are glossed with hot pink and accented with black drapes. There is a catwalk for fashion parties, and a hair styling booth for all those princess up-do’s. Everything piece was high style; long sleeve thermals with bling accents, bags in metallic colors to match, and all the fabulous accessories! Diva Inc. carries hair clips, watches, bracelets, earrings, and nothing is over $40.  Liz Miller who owns Diva Inc is everyone’s best friend. She talks and laughs with customers for hours. She is up on the latest fashions and the store reflects that. The experience going into Diva Inc. is like that of going to a high-end store, getting a bargain and having one of your most fun girlfriends with you the whole time. The girls and children’s clothing is the same high fashion at a great price. It would be great fun to take a daughter or niece to try on different outfits and walk the catwalk with the music blaring and be a Diva for a day.

Photo by Juanita Gates

Diva Inc also caters to birthday girls big and small.  You can be a rock star or a princess which ever you feel like that day and girls you know how we change from day to day.  Once you’re all Diva’d up, it’s off to show whatcha got on the catwalk.  Walking into Diva Inc., reminds why you loving being a girl!.

Photo by Juanita Gates

You can find Diva Inc and Liz at 32240 Temecula Parkway Temecula, CA 92592-3898 or call: (951) 302-8313

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