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Stars shine bright at Temecula’s celebrity event

Charity for Charity

The stars shined bright when 290 of Temecula’s finest put on their gowns and tux’s to support “Stars of the Valley” 2010 black tie event at Wilson Creek Winery.  This annual event, now on its fourth year, was hosted by Charity Prestifilippo founder of Charity for Charity.  Charity not only hosted the event, but was also caught multi-tasking the many aspects that made the event memorable.

As the sun set and the evening approached, people started to walk down the red carpet, it seemed more like the “Oscars©”.  Interviews and photo ops were providing a Hollywood style entrance.  As the cameras rolled and the light bulbs flashed, the excitement started to build.  People entered through the doors welcomed with glasses of champagne and warm greetings.  White cloth covered tables with black napkins provided an elegant back drop to the settings. As the people mingled, the room continued to grow in excitement.  It was definitely going to be a night to remember with food, wine, and dancing.

The event started, dinner and wine was provided by Wilson Creek winery, with additional wines provided by Atwood, and Stuart Cellars wineries for corporate tables.  Although there was much entertainment, an event like this would not be an “extravaganza” if they did not serve food and provide wonderful desserts.  The braised beef and chicken was served with a squash medley with all the fixings.  The braised beef was the biggest hit with a burgeoning flavor and so tender it can be cut with a fork.  The beef was complemented with the delicious wines, but a select few corporate tables enjoyed additional wine treatments.  In fact some of the corporate tables received the just released ’07 Atwood Syrah and ’06 Stuart Cellars’ Tatria Estate Meritage.  Both wines were an excellent choice to go with the meal that was served.  The meal ended with rich chocolate and creamy desserts and complemented the Award part of the event.

The event featured many people getting celebrity awards that symbolized the personality of the individuals that will be forever be memorialized in the following noted awards:

  • Spotlight Award, likes to be the center of attention – winner Bill Wilson
  • Jim Carey/Ellen Degeneres Award, extravagant personality – winner David Powers
  • Master of Disguise Award, go all out for costume or themed events – John Kelliher

Other awards included:

  • Gone Green Award –  Randy Ferrar
  • Health Nut – Ryan & Jennifer Hughes
  • Shop-a-holic – Alice Sullivan
  • Fashionista Male – Aaron Adams
  • Fashionista Female – Marija Maxfield
  • Best Director – Malinda Smith
  • Magnetic – Brenda Bentivengo
  • Dr. 92591 – Dr. Patrick Utenheimer and Dr. Timothy Elfelt
  • Caddyshack – Bob Brown
  • Biggest Fan – Rob Shea
  • World Traveler – Bret  & Beth Abshire
  • 411 – May Lorah
  • Mr./Mrs. Temecula – John & Kim Kelliher
  • Behind the Scenes – Wendy Cramer
  • Sommelier – Terry Connely
  • Tim McGraw & Faith Hill, best couple – Ron & Debbie Parks
  • Brightest Star of the Valley – Bob Brown

Although awards were given out to various individuals for fun, the real spot-light centered on two “Stars of the Valley” Giana Gould and Randy Elson.  Giana an eight year old girl diagnosed with Loeys-Dietz Syndrome, a genetic tissue disorder that can cause twisting of the arteries, scoliosis, and a myriad of other physical ailments, who wished for a trip to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.  Between outside organizations and Charity for Charity, the family realized Giana’s dream.  In addition to John Hopkins, Giana will get to go to a Taylor Swift concert with limo services provided by Dan Atwood from Toyota of Temecula Valley and Terry Gilmore from Paradise Chevrolet.

Randy Elson the second star, once a pilot for Alaska Airlines, had cancer surgery to save his life that left him without his entire left arm.  This impacted his life by making it more difficult for him to drive and harder to transport his 19 year old handicap daughter.  Charities for Charity raised enough money for a truck lift and alterations for his truck to better suit one-handed driving.  It was difficult to hold back tears on the wonderful out pouring of community service that was express at this event.

It is events like these that allow the community to reach out to those in need.  Although the event itself was an enormous hit, it is really the lives that are touched that make the biggest impact.  The warm hearts and willingness to give truly make this a Charity for Charity and many people can not wait for the next event to start.

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