Sweet Lumpy’s BBQ

The monsoon that engulfed Temecula had finally stopped and my husband, two kids and I had a chance to enjoy lunch outside, a staple in Temecula. We headed to Old Town and ended up at the mouth watering Sweet Lumpy’s BBQ. Award winning ribs were the draw. They took first place in 2009 at the Barona Resort and Casino Rib Fest.


Sweet Lumpys generous patio in Old Town, and proximity right next door to the new City Hall, are going to have this patio hopping busy. Photo by Loren Scott

Sweet Lumpy’s owner, John Saroka has moved his restaurant off of the main drag of Front Street to 3rd St. just around the corner from the Swing Inn cafe. What a great location! There is room for music, dance and tons of peanuts on the floor.

We decided upon the Mini Q, which is said to feed 2-3 and had a sample of; ribs, beef brisket, BBQed chicken, hotlinks and pulled pork. We chose three sides, the beans, sweet potatoes with brown sugar and mac n cheese. When it arrived our mouths dropped. We had enough food for four plus enough to take home. We dove in ravenously grabbing the famous sauces in hot and original, loving every bite! I have to say the meat on the ribs and chicken fell right off the bone and was incredibly tender the ribs just smothered in original sauce and the chicken lightly glazed. The pulled pork was not too fatty like some other BBQ places. It was left plain so you could drench it in whichever sauce you chose. The hotlinks, I think, were our favorite. I have never had any so good, anywhere. The black crust was the perfect texture, the flavor was smoky good without being too spicy hot. Mixed with a little of the original sauce and wow! John has nailed it. His beans are fabulous; sweet, a hint of bacon and maple, creamy goodness. They have beer on tap and by the bottle and you can get a red or white wine.

We took our time enjoying every bite, at a place even our dog was welcome to enjoy the warm outdoor setting. The service was great. Our waitress actually felt bad for not brining our dog some water while we sat enjoying every delectable bite. This new location is a hit and once the nightlife gets going I can’t wait to come back and do a little dancing.

Sweet Lumpy’s BBQ Now open Monday through Sunday for lunch and dinner, located at 3rd St. in Old Town Temecula toward the new Civic Center just up from the Swing Inn Cafe

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