TOT Lunch Meet-Ups

VYPER @ Miramonte Winery

Cane Venderhoof and Trasier Schuyler

Cane Vanderhoof and Trasier Schuyler planning world domination no less. Photo by Michael Chavarrria

Tonight I find myself with the future movers and shakers of Temecula Valley. It’s a different scene than what you would expect to see. No Ties except a pink tie under a fashion forward vest worn by Victor Bottino from Stage Stop Directory . The  humble leader who rules the roost over this room full of brazen and bold entrepreneurs known as the VYP ( Valley Young Professionals). The meeting can be characterized  as more  a happy hour for young ambitious types who drink local wines and Stone Ale while sharing their passions and leave all pretense somewhere else.  There is no agenda for the evening and you can easily approach anyone and say something witty like. “Hows it  goin?” and not get blown off.  For example  when you can share a glass of Miramonte’s Estate grown Shiraz  with strikingly beautiful and intelligent  Nicole Albrecht from Financial Accounting Services and not feel like a nerd while she shares her passion for finance.

Nicole was just one of many interesting young professionals tonight. I talked shop with Raj from the Lake Elsinore Storm, Shauna Hoffman from the KZ Design Group (Interior Design),  Justin from The  Creative (love their card),  and many other people whom  I am excited to build relationships with in the future.

I think though aside  from the intriguing company, music by members of Treefinger and good eats,  what made the evening even more worthy of doing anything else was the venue. Miramonte Winery mixes the traditional elements of what you would expect from a Temecula winery,  but with a flair  and vibe that feels almost like an underground scene in the midst of  winery suburbia.  Cain Vanderhoof whom I spent the latter part of the evening with is the kinda guy you can easily covet. Young, hip, out of the box, forward thinking. Yet he has  stayed true to producing wines that I believe are a real contribution to the valley. One of the things I love about Temecula Wine Country is our diversity. No cookie cutter pattern here. Each winery brings its own contribution.

Photo by Michael Chavarrria

In a time where advertising dollars are scarce  and a good time is always in demand. Its nice to know that once a month I can hang out with like minded young professionals of VYP Temecula and make some good friends have a great time.

To find out when the next VYP shindig is check them out on FB or at

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