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Hello, “Ladies”

So there I was at our Taste Of Temecula meet up this week at Sushi Camp, enjoying one of Donnie’s creations. My reverie was disrupted when two of our lady staff members confronted me about my lack of love for whites and sweeter wines. I was shocked and slightly taken back by the directness of this inquiry or should I say interrogation. I thought of saying something clever like “Huh? What do you mean? I like lots of local whites and sweet wines”. But I could tell they wouldn’t buy it.  I knew I was caught and by the look in their eyes and merely hitting the “fake a call” button on my Iphone was not going to get me out of this one.

The truth is, I do enjoy a nice Sauvigon Blanc or a Viognier  and several other whites, but sweet? Not since college days when I used to bring 5-6 bottles of Maurice Carrie’s White Zin  back to the Theta Chi house have I really partaken in a sweet wine.Yet, wanting to be fair and accommodate all the fans of ToT, I decided to find a wine to celebrate the reason I started buying wine in the first place. That’s right, as shameless as it sounds, The Ladies.

With that in mind I set my course upon recommendation to a winery where  I was very accustomed to their more sophisticated reds like their Meritage, but had often skipped the front side of their list of whites and rose. Juanita Gates wine club manger at Falkner served me  several whites that were very good but I was looking for the one. The one that said Marvin Gaye, Strawberries dipped in White Chocolate, and let me suck those lips right off your face. Then I found it the Rosato, a 2009, Rose’ of Cab that was a subtle pink in color, with a nose that reminded me of strawberries and rose pedals. It was sweeter in style but Not sugary. Refreshing and lively and ready to drink. It was the quintessential wine for listening to, some  James Blunt, Jason Mraz and Paolo Nutini with that special someone. I suggest starting off with Paolo’s Loving You.

Falkner Rosato

Photo by Juanita Gates

If you need more help shoot us an email at we are also offer uncertified marriage counselors.

Basically heres what I’m saying to you: Go down to Falkner, tell them Taste of Temecula sent ya and you want two bottles of the 2009 Rosato for the price of one ($14.95 plus tax for both) and a 2 for 1 tasting. Then drive home put the bottles on ice and the music on low and thank me on Monday Morning.

Falkner Winery

Photo by Juanita Gates


Traz aka The Doctor of Love

Two for one Rosato and tasting promo good through Feb 7, 2010.

Falkner Winery
40620 Calle Contento
Temecula, CA 92591

Tasting Room Hours – 10am – 5pm
Restaurant Hours – 11:30am – 3:30pm

Main Phone: (951) 676-8231

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