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Music, food, wine, what’s not to like.


Saturday night was the premier of VIBE at Miramonte Winery in the Temecula Valley, and it was the start of something special.

Ladies having fun

The turnout for the first-ever VIBE was excellent considering the soft launch. Photo by Natalie Mills.

When you think of a winery and music, all to often it is the same old formula, Jazz, Classical and occasionally rock preformed by geriatric musicians. Miramonte’s vibe, shatters that formula.Once a month, Miramonte is transformed into a nightclub, slash, lounge on a hill. Cane Vanderhoof, owner of Miramonte, said that they going to take it slow in the begining to work out any kinks and fine-tune the music.

Cane Vanderhoof

Miramonte's Cane Vanderhoof (right). If there is a busier winery owner in the valley, we don't know about him. The Tweets start at Dawn and last until the crowd dies down. Photo by Natalie Mills.

Vibe is aimed smack at the 25 – 35 year old patron, a demographic often ignored in Wine Country. The DJ’s kept things pretty mellow this time, but you can tell that they are anxiously waiting to play for a packed house.

As always, covering these events is thirsty work. We drank the 2005 Estate Syrah, a very well crafted wine. Rather than the intense punch of so many other Syrahs, this example was elegant and smooth.  Many wineries in Temecula have trouble with this grape, as it tends to pick up the flavor of dirt from the dust blowing in the fields at harvest time, no problems here.

Vibe will be held monthly at Miramonte Winery from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Spin it

DJ's Spazz and Eddie spun some excellent tunes ranging from house, techno notes, a little alternative, things got progressively stranger near the end of the night. Photo by Natalie Mills.

Chef Volker Lutz

Chef Volker Lutz from Vineyard Gourmet Catering provided the culinary entertainment and created some Chef-envy by using an induction top to cook on. The meal was penne with smoked beef tips, pancetta, olives and sun-dried tomatoes, with a Caesar salad. Excellent bang for only $15. Photo by Natalie Mills.

This Week’s Menu: Wild penne with hickory smoked flanksteak strips, kalamata olives, crisp pancetta, marinated forest mushrooms, herbed sundried tomatoes & parmesan cheese. Side of Caesar salad w/ handcrafted croutons, bread and chili butter. $15 per plate.


Just in case you need another reason to visit...Mira...objects in the mirror are larger then they appear.


One thought on “VIBE

  1. If you like the “freshness” of Vibe then make sure to check out a local band called Nova Modern. First off, Temecula does not KNOW what jazz is. One things for sure, it’s not what you hear on the radio or what you hear at most Temecula wineries. That being said, although I am a jazz fan “True Jazz” turns off a lot of people. Nova Modern knows this.

    Nova Modern is different in many aspects and has managed to generate a following of all ages but mostly the coveted 25-35 age bracket you’re speaking of.

    Nova Modern does it all. Jazz, Funk, Rock… but everything is current sounding and fresh. Nova Modern provides an infectious groove that gets people up out of their chairs and moving their bodies to “Jazz”…. All without any vocals!

    Then there’s the electronic side of Nova Modern. We have our laptops on stage too. We’ve even had turn tables. Down Tempo, Trip Hop… as long as it’s current, NM is doing it. Only, we use our instruments. Half Dub, Half Live.

    Check out Nova Modern’s next show at The Public House, April 30 7-10pm Once you catch this group, you’ll know what’s up!


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