Temecula Wine Lovers Meet Up at The Collective

Last Friday approximately 30 members of the group Temecula Wine Lovers got together at The Collective in Old Town Temecula. The soggy weather did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of this group, and everyone appeared to have a great time.


This is what is all about, meeting new people, establishing raport and developing friendships. Photo by Natalie Mills

Quite a few members hit the Old Town wine scene after the event with a few edging over to the Wine Company for some live entertainment.

Temecula Wine Lovers is a private Facebook group run by Sharon Carey, a Temecula native. She has been organizing wine tastings with this meet-up group since early 2009. Since then, they have met almost every month.

The Group hard at work

Sharon Carey, either the wine is very good, or someone is giving her a back rub. Photo by Natalie Mills

Temecula Wine Lovers activities are very highly rated judging by it’s members comments. If you have never tried a meet-up group, this would be a great one to join.

They typically get together once a month for wine tasting and frequently try new wines and venues. To join them, you will need a account, and then you can join in at: It is a private group, so acceptance is not guaranteed or immediate.

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