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A perfect crepe in Temecula

By: Crispin Courtenay

Every once in a while Taste of Temecula runs into something unexpected, a creperie in old town certainly fulfills that definition. What a wonderful surprise it was to discover Cafe Daniel, which offers a wide assortment of crepes, paninnis and gelato. Quite the refreshing change to greasy eggs and fast-food lunches.

We had a variety of crepes on this visit including both savory and sweet, accompanied by Cappuccino and Cafe Americano.

Cafe Daniel

By: Michael Chavarrria

The savory crepe was filled with Gruyere cheese and ham, a classic combination that never fails to satisfy. The tart creaminess of the cheese, offset by the saltiness of the Ham with the backdrop of egg in the crepe made you feel like you were eating a traditional egg and ham breakfast, rather than a delicate crepe.

Also tried were the strawberry and Nutella crepes. Both were perfect if you have a sweet tooth, or combine them for something very indulgent and you are set until way after lunch.

If you have never had Nutella, it is a kitchen staple in much of Europe. In taste and color it resembles chocolate, but it is basically roasted hazelnuts and sugar. It is actually quite good for you, but then again so is chocolate. Pick up a jar next time you are at the store, it’s highly addictive.

Making a crepe

The art of making a crepe. By: Michael Chavarrria

The crepes at Cafe Daniel are excellent, a perfect combination of egg and flour, not gummy, not cloyingly sweet, not eggy. In short nothing could be done to make them better, light, fluffy, just the way they should be.

Cafe Daniel is not limited to crepes, they have coffee selections to rival any great coffee house. Add to that a great selection of Paninis, both hot and cold. The piece de resistance is the gelato selection. If your taste buds have been attuned to standard ice cream you are in for a real treat.

If you find yourself craving lunch or breakfast, buy all means stop in. The selections are huge, and five types of smoked salmon, thank you yes!


A few choices to keep you busy. By: Michael Chavarrria

With the warm weather almost here again, Cafe Daniel’s gelato is sure to hit the spot. If that is not enough to lure you in, they offer $0.99 coffee all day. The cafe is setback from Main Street and is in front of the Old Town Theater…just look for the giant ice cream cone. Plenty of parking most days.

28601 Front St, Temecula (951) 676-8408

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