Living Yoga Center

Juliet: One of my New Year’s resolutions is to get back into a regular yoga practice, so I grabbed my friend Natalie and we headed to the newly relocated Living Yoga Center on the third floor of the Edge Building in Old Town Temecula.

We chose a class from the extensive offerings listed on Living Yoga’s easy to navigate website: Hatha Fusion taught by Living Yoga’s owner, Andrea Matros.

Natalie: The class was amazing! Even though the closest I’d ever been to yoga is reading Eat, Pray, Love. I thought I could be like Elizabeth Gilbert, and bought a mat after reading the book, but never actually used it until this class.

As a beginner, I was nervous, but Andrea’s warm welcome put me at ease as soon as we entered the room. I felt like I had been reacquainted with an old friend. Her obvious knowledge and warm personality allowed me to try this new activity with confidence.

Juliet: We settled in for a sometimes-intense hour and half of breathing, poses, flowing movement, and meditation. Matros offered expert vocal cues and correction adjusted to the various levels in the class. Since it was a weekday morning, our class was small and mostly comprised of regulars who live locally, though Living Yoga becomes busy with larger classes at key times, especially weekends.

Matros custom-designed the space with smaller rooms for private treatments such as Thai yoga or individual classes, and room for two group yoga classes to take place at once. The two larger spaces have a removable divider so the room opens for one very large class.

Natalie: Walking inside, it is easy to admire the lovely De Luz hillside views, and The Edge building is beautiful and centrally located on Old Town Front Street. It is definitely an inviting space. Andrea is also creating a social area within the studio replete with sofas and pillows, internet service and tea. Sounds splendid to me!

Juliet: One of the things I love about yoga is the wonderful feeling of calm and serenity that it gives me. It’s a very centering, grounding way to start out the day. Living Yoga is in the perfect location for starting the day with a class, then heading off to lunch with friends, or window shopping in Old Town. Imagine how fun it would be to take a class on a Saturday morning, then head over to Farmer’s Market to stock up on fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other goodies for the week.

Natalie: They also offer meditation classes.

Juliet: Another option (probably not for purists) is to take an afternoon class, and then head downstairs to The Collective for wine tasting.

Natalie: I noticed during class that it was an exercise in concentration for sure. I struggled to slow down and think about my body position, and holding that position is hard work! However, I also felt like once I left the class, I had a better handle on the day’s tasks left to do. If yoga can help me get more done, I’m ready to sign up!

Living Yoga Center

28544 Old Town Front Street, Suite 300

Temecula, CA 92590



by Juliet Grossman and Natalie Rohwer

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