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Traz Pick for December 29th, 2009


Photo Courtesy of Taste of Temecula

A New Year is upon us and the anticipation of what 2010 will bring to the Temecula Valley is nothing short of thrilling. The beautiful new City Hall in Old Town, new restaurants that satisfy palettes of every caliber, wine lounges and wineries, and new releases of our favorite wines and new varietals.

Speaking of new releases my pick of the week is known to the Syrah drinkers in the valley as the Syrah that reigns supreme. The Atwood Syrah has been a favorite in the valley for years.

Just before Christmas, Dan Atwood released his ’07 Syrah made by Tim Kramer. The ’07 resembles the ’04 vintage and is ready to drink. I served The Atwood Syrah at fashion week in L.A. this year and people loved it! This week we are also spotlighting The Atwood ’09 Syrah Of Rosé. Want a tasting note, here is what Dan says, “It will knock your socks off!” This is a perfect wine to bring to wherever you are celebrating NYE. You will love it for being slightly sweet with cranberries and a hint of cinnamon.

The Atwood wine is only sold at two locations, The Collective in Old Town and at The Wine Company in Temecula which carries the best wines from around the world and is owned by Dan Atwood.

This weeks pick comes with a special offer from The Wine Company.

Mention Taste of Temecula and receive 20% off the ’07 Syrah or 15% off anything in the store.
The ’07 Syrah retails before your discount for $24.95 and the ’09 Syrah Of Rosé is $19.50.

The Wine Company is at 29073 Overland Drive Temecula, Ca. 92591
(951) 308-1150

3 thoughts on “Traz Pick for December 29th, 2009

  1. Traz,

    I walked into TWC and Dan yelled for me to come to the bar. As I walked up he was pouring his Rosé and handed me a glass. While tasting he said, not bad for being bottled yesterday hey? Whoa, if it’s that good after one day in the bottle I can imagine what will happen if it hangs around a little while.

    That wine is killer. That reminds me, I’m out of it and need to stop by TWC tomorrow for some more.

    Nice site Traz


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